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My two favorite WRs on the Seahawks

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    Love seeing DJack. Glad to see him talking to the Seahawks and for some of them to recognize him and his history well.

    Receiving Yards

    • #1 Steve Largent 13,089
    • #2 Brian Blades 7620
    • #3 Darrell Jackson 6445
    • #4 Doug Baldwin 5945


    • #1 Steve Largent 819
    • #2 Brian Blades 581
    • #3 John Williams 471
    • #4 Doug Baldwin 443
    • #5 Darrell Jackson 441


    • #1 Steve Largent 100
    • #2 Darrell Jackson 47
    • #3 Doug Baldwin 44

    Doug Baldwin has played in 14 more games than DJack as a Seahawk but was never a receiving focal point until the past 3 years.

  • I always liked DJ and was sorry to see him leave; and like ADB a gamer.

  • DJack unfortunately left on bad terms and he got traded to San Francisco.

    Would have rather had DJack over Deion Branch if given the chance.

  • Its funny how your generation or when you got interested in the Seahawks can cloud your judgement.

    For me, DJack was never a fave of mine. But really, all the reasons were just impressions..not objective truths. This is a great article talking about the lack of love Djack got (gets?).

    But maybe.. was that I grew up with Steve Largent as my ideal receiver and those are some pretty tough shoes to fill and no one has to this day. Since Largent hung it up, Ive never really gotten a man crush on another receiver. I respected a lot of them.. I like a lot of them.. but apparently I only fall in love once (with a wide receiver).

  • Haters gonna hate.

    But for real, I get that if you grew up with guys like Largent the current or recent WRs totally fail to compare.

  • It's also the youthful mind.. Objective reality falls by the wayside sometimes and no one will ever be as good as the heroes of your youth. I swear for about 2 weeks in 1981?1982? I thought Theotis Brown was an AWESOME back and I spent years treasuring an Ahmad Rashad football card because it indicated that Seattle briefly held his rights.

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