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Super Bowl!

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    Patriots (again....) vs. Eagles (their third I believe, lost both precious times).

    Who ya got? I kid. There's only one choice here--Eagles.

    Couple thoughts.. I'm kind of embarrassed for the NFL, and the AFC in particular. How can no one ,in all this time, catch up to the Patriots? I get it, Belichek is a great coach and Brady may be the best of all time. (It's getting harder and harder to hold on to that "may be".. better watch some Montana highlights or something). But no one can catch up at all? Even Manning in his prime, you felt you were just hoping he had one of his best games and the balls would bounce right. You would think some people who do this for a living would find some lessons here, but it doesn't seem anyone is learning anything. The AFC East has essentially done nothing that smacks of a light bulb going on.. except one game by the Dolphins once.
    If nothing else learn that a copy cat stance won't win, that playing it safe is playing into their hands. The NFL seemed to change more to adapt to Seahawks football than the Patriots, and we "only" made it to 2 Super Bowls

    The Eagles? Love this story and the potential lessons it also has for team perspective. Common sense and common knowledge says the NFL today is all about the QB and you get as far as the QB takes you. And I'd argue that is true. But I'd also argue we are seeing that is just ONE road instead of THE road. I am an Eagles fan for two weeks and really hope there is some change in philosophy around the NFL.

  • The Slag and Parley Forums

    My nephew who lives on the East Coast is an Eagles fan, so for me it's easy....Go Iggles!!

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