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Red Letter Media's take on the Han Solo flick

  • Youtube Video

    Pretty good. They give you their story ideas and you know so many of them are going to be pretty spot on.

  • Pretty funny. And many of the things they bring up are likely to happen. I'm not quite ready to be as cynical about it as they are, I'm still holding out hope that it'll be a well done movie worthy of the Star Wars label. But yeah, pretty easy to assume at least a few of their ideas will be spot on.

  • There's so much going wrong I'm very nervous. And I always hatred the director choice.. honestly I never wanted a Han Solo movie. For me the willfull suspension of disbelief is really hard when I see a different person playing the same role. Even River Phoenix in The Last Crusade was really distracting for me. I'd prefer the stand alones to be true stand alones.. a nearly arthouse take on the inhabitants of the Cantina. A prison escape flick based on the Spice Mines of Kessel. A Quarantino look at what happens when Bossk and IG-88 go after they same prey. If you use old characters use the ones you don't mess up by needing a different actor.. aliens, droids, masked characters..

  • Yeah, I feel you 100%. I'm still excited for it and hoping it's as good as it can be. And I won't let anything quell my optimism! 😆

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