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OVG registers 13 domain names for a potential Seattle NHL team

  • found that the Arena builders have registered 13 domain websites that may allude to 13 potential names for their future NHL tenant. Link:

    Seattle doesn’t even have a National Hockey League team yet – they were invited to apply for an expansion franchise on December 7 – but that hasn’t stopped speculation on what the league’s 32nd team might be named.
    As I did before the Vegas Golden Knights’ name was announced, I’ve been keeping an eye on domain registrations. Most of the names that have come up over the last several weeks have been purchased by people who are known domain speculators, meaning they don’t tell us much about the direction any future ownership group might be heading. Yesterday, however, an interesting batch of domains were registered.
    By my count, 38 domains representing 13 different possible names were registered under the name of Christina Song. Ms. Song, according to her LinkedIn profile, is General Counsel at Oak View Group, who won the bid to redevelop Seattle’s Key Arena on December 4. The domains were registered via an email address for a lawyer at Gibson Dunn. That firm assisted Oak View Group in the Key Arena bid process.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    • Seattle Cougars
    • Seattle Eagles
    • Seattle Emeralds
    • Seattle Evergreens
    • Seattle Firebirds
    • Seattle Kraken
    • Seattle Rainiers
    • Seattle Renegades
    • Seattle Sea Lions
    • Seattle Seals
    • Seattle Sockeyes
    • Seattle Totems
    • Seattle Whales

    I think half of these names are garbage... "Whales?" At least do "Killer Whales."

    Of the names listed here (which are not necessarily even final I only like Totems and Sockeyes as team names. Kraken is too fantasy for me for a sport team. But people are thinking that because Jerry Brockheimer is a potential owner, it would be tied to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

  • The Slag and Parley Forums

    Seattle Tokers.....we may lose, but who cares? LOL

  • The Slag and Parley Forums

    I dig totems, evergreens, sockeye,..
    I'd throw in Orcas..

    I really favor team names that tie in with the environment/city they are in.. I helps that builds with communckty spirit and support. It's one reason I still like Seahawk original colors.. they were the hues you really see in Seattle.

  • I just thought of a name. The Seattle Cascades. I can't get it out of my noggin. Whatchya all think?

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