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Seahawks bring back Ken Norton Jr as DC and Mike Solari as OL coach

  • Reports are that Kris Richard is officially out as DC to be replaced by former Seattlw LB Coach Ken Norton JR. He used to be with the Oakland Raiders and left the Seahawks when Richard was promoted from DB Coach to DC.

    Mike Solari has been reportedly hired to coach OL; he was formerly with the Seahawks in the same role under Holmgren and Mora. When Pete took over Solari was offered to stay with the program but would move to TE coach. He opted to take the OL job with San Francisco.

  • I like these moves.

    Really satisfied. For two years I feel like on the podcast weekly I've said that Richard wasn't getting what he should put of the defense and that his personal touches seem to degrade the defense not make it innovative. Excited to see what this means on the field. How long til August???

  • I'm intrigued by Norton. I imagine he'll have a good relationship with the players.

    I'm not sure what to think about Solari and Schottenheimer. I get that Schottenheimer hasn't had a great number of good QBs to work with and has made the best he could out of those situations, but it certainly doesn't represent a fresh, new take on offense. And I recall Solari being hyped as a guru back when we had him here in '08-'09, but a decade has passed since then.

  • @veda-the-moor
    I got the impression that the players tuned Richard out. That they didn't respect him. I don't believe that will happen with Norton. JMO

  • I don't think that it was an issue with respect in regard to Richard; I think he was selected because of the respect he had of the defense (hence he was selected over Norton Jr initially when Dan Quinn was hired away).

    I think what happened is we saw very little development under Richard over the growth when Bradley and Quinn were the DC.

    Final thoughts on Norton; dude coached a Defense Player of the Year in Khalil Mack. He can't be all that bad on utilizing a guy's talent.

    In regards to Solari, I'm willing to try anything new to develop our OLine.

  • I'm with Sammy on this, and it's something we've talked about on the podcast.

    Every D.C. takes over and adds wrinkles to PC's base offense. Partly because you have to -- to keep from being game planned against, but also to reflect the personality of the coach. Richard's wrinkles never seemed to work. Immediately upon him taking over big plays were slashed. The solid playmakkng stayed-- it was a good defense down to down but the whole system is predicated on solid play making then forcing turnovers / mistakes.. which went away. This past season we lost a couple of pro bowlers but still had 6 on the field and were not a dominant defense. I said it again and again, if your scheme needs 9 pro bowlers to work then it's not a good scheme.

    I'm looking forward to what Norton can do. I just hope we can still get him the right players to do it with.

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