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Seahawks expected to sign Brian Schottenheimer as OC - ESPN Brady Henderson

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    The Seattle Seahawks are expected to hire Brian Schottenheimer as their next offensive coordinator, a source told ESPN's Adam Schefter.
    Schottenheimer, 44, has spent the past two seasons as the Indianapolis Colts' quarterbacks coach and has twice been an offensive coordinator in the NFL. He served that role for the Jets from 2006 to 2011 and for the Rams from 2012 to 2014. Schottenheimer was the offensive coordinator at Georgia in 2015.

  • If that's what PC wants, it's fine by he really cares what I think? LOL!

  • Well..wait..what? Has he ever had any, you know, success...?

  • Same thing could be said about Bevell; he had one good-plus year with Brett Farve before coming over to Seattle.

  • I think he's ranked near bottom of the league in 7 of 9 years if Twitter can be believed. But he has done good work with Luck, Brissett and made Sanchez look decent. I initially hated it but I'm warming up a little bit. It feels like the typical NFL nepotism type hire and I wanted them to grab someone that scared Pete. He's stubborn though and I can't blame him, it's worked. Schott will run a Carroll type offense. He does utilize the dump off, screen game and loves using the TE.

  • He's a power run, play action, vertical threat type coach as far as I know. And that matches what Carroll wants. The question is if he does it well.

    I'm not even sure I agree he's done a good job with Luck. Luck apparently has immense talent but to this point has been Matthew Stafford with better wheels.

    That said I saw the point made has often hasn't had much to work with.

    I guess we will see!

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