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OC candidates?

  • Anybody hearing any rumors? Or have some ideas on who is out there?
    It's one thing to get rid of someone, possible quite another to actually upgrade.

    It's harder to speculate in Seattle because PC, compared to many head coaches, is willing to hire people he doesn't actually know so you can't just look at a coaching tree.

  • Some names being thrown around other places (realistic or not): Haley, Kubiak, Bielema, Carmichael, DeFilippo, Helfrich, Chryst, Frost, and you're favorite: Zorn, among many others. Basically every and any possible name haha.

  • Which tells me it won't be any of them. I did hear that Pete wanted to talk to Haley though.

  • I have the vague sense Pete and Zorn don't get along , although they are quite similar in some respects.

    No idea who I want... but I would be ok with Haley, Zorn or a crazy outside the box answer.

  • Davis Hsu on twitter (I know I'm being his fanboy a bit but he gets good info) says he's been hearing that John DeFilippo is a strong candidate. Other names he mentioned we're Kubiak and Trestman. Haven't got any thoughts on them at the moment.

  • For as little as I understand about how everything works (football and life, I mean) DeFelippo is the most intriguing and inspiring to me. It would be an exciting hire.

  • Ok, I'm calling it now-- our next OC is DeFelippo.

  • He does have OC experience.
    "On January 21, 2015, DeFilippo was hired as the Cleveland Browns' new offensive coordinator. However, after only 1 season, DeFilippo was let go after head coach Mike Pettine was fired."

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