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What does the thought of drafting a kicker do to you?

  • Ok, yeah its a post about kickers, but these thoughts have been swirling around in my head for a few days so here we go...

    Blair Walsh, this season, showed us the position of kicker should not be overlooked. But did he show us just how much we should invest in the position?

    We could spend Hauschka type money on another vet, invite a murder of kickers (It is a murder, right? A herd? Gaggle?) consisting of RFA's and UFA's to battle it out or, we could ... draft a kicker. (Ducks down)

    If the Hawks go the draft route, I'm of the mind they go big; A high pick (for a kicker. Tampa Bay excluded of course.) for the best kicker and Daniel Carlson, Auburn seems to be the best guy in this draft. Thing is he may be gone by the 6th round and you know what? Hot take: I spend a 5 on him! There, I said it! Seahawks have their kicker for the next 10 years to come. Done.

  • I honestly don't care how they do it, just get somebody reliable in here. I don't see a scenario where they'd have to spend a high pick or anything crazy like that. But what you suggest wouldn't ruin my day.

  • Bring in an "unkindness" of kickers to compete.

  • @billa said in What does the thought of drafting a kicker do to you?:

    Bring in an "unkindness" of kickers to compete.

    😂 dying... 😋

    I like this one best!

  • Being an Auburn alum, I'm often biased. But Carlson is great, and I wouldn't complain if we drafted him. I'd like to think the Aguayo thing in TB may have soured GMs on drafting a kicker too early, and we could get him in the 6th. But who knows?

  • 3 kicks and this team is 12-4; yes, get the best kicker possible even if this means you have to use a draft pick.

  • But that's the problem.. how do you know the best kicker possible? Bucs thought they knew. The kicking game is 90% mental and there's just no way of really knowing who is going to perform in the NFL.

    I think I'd prefer to sign 2,3 UDFAs and take a flier on a vet who is under valued .

    If you legitimately think that 3 kicks is all that cost 12-4 , then the rational course would be to go sign one of the proven veteran kickers for 3-4 million and say that kicker is a position you moneyball the league the opposite way of what people usually mean-- it could be that the position is undervalued as a whole and where teams should spend more money. Certainly spending Lacy's salary on Haushka last year would have gotten us better production on the line.

  • Yes, they were 3 kicks away from being 12-4.

    Saying you want the "best" doesn't mean it has to be the most expensive. I'm not saying draft a kicker with your 1st pick.

    I think we all agreed that Walsh was not the best kicker the Seahawks could have gotten last year but with their cap design, it made sense. There was also a lot of hope that he would return to his ProBowl form and not his playoff form.

  • Right, most expensive isn't always the best..but especially with kickers track record speaks volumes. There are several proven veterans available. What other position can you spend an extra 2 million dollars and have it translate into 3 more wins?

    There was hope that Walsh would return to ProBowl form.. but I'm not sure that hope was rational. We talked last preseason already in the podcast about how many games this signing was going to cost.

    I'm not one to pile on a kicker, the nature of the position is not like any other position in sports and so its not really fair to blame a lost game on a kicker most of the time .. especially when the team decides that's the position they want to go bargain bin hunting at.

    I guess my idea is that.. its increasingly obvious that kicker is a tremendously undervalued position. They only come on to the field 1 to 6 times a game and each of those is a point scoring opportunity and maybe 1/4? of those will be enough points to win the game. So, I look at it positive.. the kicker doesn't lose you the game..but he sure as heck can WIN you the game.. probably 1/4 of games in a season. So why mess around there and try to save 2 million dollars there and instead spend it on your #4 WR or a RB in a time share with 3 other players?

    If you get the right kicker out of college its great, but I don't know who you would know with enough certainty to use a 5th rounder..Id either spend 3 million and get Kai whatshisname.. or like I said earlier, just sign a ton of UDFAs , have them kick under pressure again and again and see where it gets me.

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