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Hawks Cast Forum Rules

  • Site Vision and Rules

    The Hawks Cast site exists to provide the Seahawks fanbase a place of community and support -- to encourage this fandom and the bonds it creates. We hope it provides the ideal place to discuss your passion for football, but also to participate in a community with a common interest but with many different ways of expression. Write about your experiences and opinions in the forum, get involved in the Podcast, contribute an article, or organize a draft party with other members -- however you do it, we hope to be part of your Seahawks Fan experience.

    That said, this is on the internet and so let's lay down some ground rules:

    • Respect your fellow fan - Do not attack a fellow fan. Your comments should relate to the ideas of a poster, not the poster. Any attacking type comments directly aimed at a fellow poster are prohibited and should be reported.
    • This includes name calling, threats, bigoted remarks or underhanded words.
    • It's a Discussion. - Keep your comments about the contents of the writer's post, and keep it constructive. We are all here to share our thoughts, so be respectful to your fellow posters but feel free to deconstruct their posts.
    • No Trolls - Don't feed the trolls and don't engage with them. Posters who come with a direct interest in ruffling feathers without anything positive to add will be banned. We are under no obligation to provide a forum for fans of teams here to make trouble.
    • Images - No nudity, violence or bigoted material. If you can't wear the image on a t-shirt without getting punched in the face, it's not appropriate for the site.
    • Don't duplicate topics - Do your best to not repeat topics already being discussed. Dupes will be merged and a ghost message will be left.
    • Language - Only you are responsible for your words; no one else types for you and that means if your words fall out of line then expect to be addressed by the staff.
    • Typing etiquette - This is treated like "No Attacks" and "It's Not Personal."If a post's grammar, syntax or spelling make it difficult to understand suggest some friendly changes. Its a teaching moment, not a taunting moment.
    • No doxing, phishing or any related acts - Do not post someone's personal information, ever. Posters are encouraged to engage with one another but should never worry that someone is posting their private information. * Don't assume because you know a member's real name that it's okay to use it.
    • Topic Evolution - The site does not want to curtail threads that may run its course and travel a new topic; trolling is not consider a part of this. If your idea is purposefully going in another direction you should still consider creating a new topic.
    • Outside Sources/External Link - Whether it's your blog, social media or a news article, always give full credit and source links. Do not share entire articles, this runs afoul of copyright laws and cheats the original source out of traffic.
    • Advertising - Hawks Cast wants to encourage its members to use its network of posters to get great recommendations; if you have a business that you feels would be of interest to the sites posters, please reach out to the staff so we can better setup things for mutual benefits
    • Edited Posts - Posts may be edited and a message for why it was edited will be left. We do not want to remove your entire post if it's not necessary and a simple edit can suffice.
    • Deleted Posts - Posts will be deleted if they do not comply with the forum rules above and do not offer any thing worth salvaging. The message will be removed and a note will be left as to the reason why it was completed removed.
    • Contacting Staff - Please e-mail for immediate assistance or Chat with the Admin. If you post it in a thread there is no guarantee that it will be seen; feedback is encouraged in any format as long as it complies with the site rules.

  • If you would like access to our less-moderated forums, The Slag & Parley Forums, please follow these instructions.

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