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Solo: A Star Wars Story discussion

  • After multiple views of the teaser the one thing I come back to is that the world looks like it falls in-line with the OG Trilogy.

    It's not super cleaned (all digital) like the prequels.

  • Youtube Video

    Fuller Teaser

  • Well I have to say after watching the trailer 10-15 times and watching just about every reaction or explanation video I could find about it, I like what I'm seeing so far. I hope it's an exciting, fun, little bit dark, unique story and I won't be mad at all if we get a little bit of Vader or Jabba or Boba or even Greedo. I like the tone of the trailer and I hope it's consistent with the film itself.

  • I think it's cool they are paying homage to the Expanded Universe (even though a lot of it is crap) with Han Solo starting as an Imperial cadet and they defecting in some manner.

  • Some minor spoilers and interesting information has come out in the last couple days. (No plot spoilers)

    The upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story movie will re-canonize a villainous group that first emerged more than 40 years ago in Star Wars comics, and with that comes a badass new leader called Enfys Nest.

    Late last week, photos of a new Solo: A Star Wars Story toy emerged that confirmed a character named Enfys Nest would indeed appear in the upcoming movie. But this character is also a deep-cut reference to a very old comic from Marvel called Star Wars 8: Eight for Aduba-3. Which means that Solo will essentially re-canonize the Cloud-Riders after they became non-canon Star Wars Legends in 2014.

    Some stuff from Funko:

    And a little insider (and encouraging) info:

    The story of how Han Solo became the charming rogue everyone loved in the original Star Wars wasn’t rewritten when Ron Howard took over directorial duties from Chris Miller and Phil Lord. According to a new secret interview published on Monday, the script for Solo: A Star Wars Story didn’t change at all. All the scenes just had to be reshot with a cockier vibe.

    According to Vulture an unnamed actor who claims to have worked on Solo dished the dirt on the behind-the-scenes drama on the film. According to this Star Wars version of Deepthroat, Ron Howard’s directorial tenure on Solo has nothing to do with rewrites of the Lawrence Kasdan/Jon Kasdan script. “It’s exactly the same script,” the source said. “They’re filming exactly the same things.” And according to some chatter in Los Angeles, that script is actually pretty damn good. On Monday, long-time sci-fi critic and journalist Mark A. Altman tweeted that the film is “apparently quite good.” This is notable only because Altman is a tough critic. To be clear, he hasn’t seen it yet himself, the relevant thing here is that the insider buzz around Solo is starting to turn positive.

  • Youtube Video

    Official trailer is out.

    So excited. All you babies can step to the side. 👶🏻

  • First..the positives:

    The new trailer looks much, much better than the trailer. Lando looks better than I expected, though this is going to be the biggest stumbling block for the movie for me.. my "eye" just doesnt accept roles being played by other actors.. so Solo not looking right and Lando being closer but still not Billy Dee is just going to take me out.. BUT , I said the positives. The story line seems the right kind of story line if you feel compelled to make this movie. It doesnt have too much humor apparently.. and that was the big concern before it seems. The effects look great, the new look at the galaxy seems reasonable.. it seems to "fit".

    The bad..its in danger of fulfilling every single one of the "check list items" you knew were coming.. we see him get his blaster. We see what looks like its going to be the Kessel Run. Its going to be like the beginning of The Last Crusade where EVERY single quirk about Indiana Jones gets explained and all happened in the same day. I suppose we will see get his pants (apparently even the damn stripe has an explanation in the EU). We will probably see what Lando was supposed to have forgotten about ... and so on. I hope they dont make it that trite..

    The other worry is what Ive expressed earlier.. stuff that seems not in character or not thought through. Kind of connected to what I just said.. Han says in Star Wars he made a lot of modifications to the Falcon. I think weve always assumed that was to the INTERIOR or some other smaller things. We assumed that meant the hyperdrive was better. That makes sense. He put in smuggling compartments. That makes sense. I bet those turrets werent standard issue, and neither was that smaller blast cannon that popped out on Hoth when they were escaping.
    That all makes sense for a smuggler.. youd be like "we gotta go faster and keep things secret, and we might need to blast out of some place!". But if youre a smuggler.. trying to do things slyly .. would you modify the whole profile of your ship so people immediately notice? Also.. its pretty well established in a lot of things that Falcon has the same basic shape as other TY-1300 ships.. not just in the EU, but in the first movie even when they fly to Alderraan. It doesnt even look bad, but it just doesnt make sense .. Im kind of hoping they also cut the line from the teaser where Han says he wants to be the best pilot in the galaxy. That does not feel like Han. It also feels weird that the Imperial Navy recruits the same way as the US Military.. you show up and choose your job.. really?

    Anyway.. too much negative. Before this trailer I was actually dreading this movie but now Im looking forward to it!

  • We're 3 weeks away from the premier. Rumor has it tickets will go on sale May (the) 4th (be with you). That's a pretty good plan.

    Lots of TV spots released the last couple of weeks. Some of the same stuff from the trailers, but a lot more dialog and interaction between characters, more hints at the actual plot, and lots of cool music that is not typical of the Star Wars we know. Which I think is a good thing. Similar but different. New & different but familiar.

    Biggest thing is obviously how the movie plays out as a whole. I'm definitely not doing any nit picking about decisions they've made until I see them fully executed, and even then I'm probably willing to overlook a lot of the nit picks if I enjoy the movie overall.

    I understand that these movies aren't for me specifically, or any other individual Star Wars fan, and particularly not us old purists, at least not entirely. There's sure to be decisions we don't like and that's just the way it is. If the overall package is fun and interesting and exciting and the right nostalgia strings are plucked, I'll be more than happy to accept its shortcomings.

  • Youtube Video

    So excited for this movie.

    This clip alone is so sweet. Never knew I would be into wardrobes so much.

  • Youtube Video

    Great to hear the old music in there but that Emilia Clarke's line delivery is pretty piss poor. Hopefully they used a better take in the movie haha. She's got no chops!

  • Yeah... that scene does her no favors which is a shame because all the females have been cast well and played well since TFA.

    It's one scene; it won't ruin a movie for me.

    Love seeing Chewie just take over and be more active.

  • Yeah, after the way Chewie's been kind of ignored in the sequel trilogy it'll be good to see him play a more prominent role in this one. So far it looks like he'll be all over it.

  • Some quick thoughts on the movie:

    Solo was pretty good. I don't expect this is one I'll go back and see a ton of times. But I'm glad they made it. It was cool and fun. Not hilarious but funny enough in spots.

    There wasn't much in the movie I didn't like. Not much that really blew me (away) either but just an overall fun, exciting, entertaining movie, that IMO was lacking only in that it wasn't as epic as Star Wars movies normally are.

    Some stiff dialogue by just about everybody at one point or another, some jokes that landed, others that didn't, but pretty good chemistry overall, and a decent enough script.

    Pretty interesting story, checked most of the boxes on what people wanted to see, I think.

    A couple nice twists toward the end, some more obvious and easier to see coming than others.

    Emilia didn't ruin it. She was surprisingly better than I expected, for the most part.

    I thought Alden was great. He played a great Han Solo. This movie would probably be 10-15% higher on Rotten Tomatoes if it was somehow able to star an actual young Harrison Ford, even with no other changes to any of it, but the kid held his own IMO. There's just not much you can do when trying to fill shoes like that.

    Speaking of filling shoes, Donald Glover was as advertised. Pretty much nailed it.

    I thought Paul Bettany was good as the villain, even if there wasn't much to him. He was essentially the bad guy because he's rich and powerful and will kill you if you don't do what he wants you to do. Not a whole lot of depth there but he played the part well.

    The Enfyst Nest character & story was 1 part badass, 1 part pretty cool, and 1 part "wait, what?"

    Interesting choice and execution there, definitely going to have to watch again just to make sure that whole plot line made sense.

    A few small cameos, one pretty huge cameo (as had been reported), not the cameo I expected by any means, but not wholly unbelievable or unpredictable if you've been paying close attention. Still processing how I feel about it. I can't tell if it took balls and is really exciting or if it was kind of an easy way out.

    Looking forward to hearing what everybody else thinks.

  • Really dug the new Solo movie.

    100% Star Wars (sans a Skywalker).

    Thought the cast was very well portrayed and the worst part was Khalessi trying to Co-pilot the Falcon (which they already showed in a TV spot).

    Some guy was handing out knock-off lightsabers and this one is two that can join into a double-edged one.

  • Solo: A Review Story

    Story - I told @Zeb-Stark and @Veda-the-Moor that I didn't need to hear this story or why the Kessell Run is so crazy. That being said, it's an entirely enjoyable Star Wars movie. And while that may not ring like a great review, it's a move that is the sum of its part, not just one.

    The introduction to a young Solo is really great because I totally see what a 7-10 year younger Han from ANH Han would be how Alden portrayed him. His motivation is clear and when it breaks, his motivation changes and it's what we see in the OG Trilogy and Solo in TFA. In fact, I would say that the Han in ESB and ROTJ is different than how he's portrayed in in TFA, ANH and SOLO. So that means we have 3 movies to 2 that show what the "default" Solo really is (and in this movie, it shows what he's trying to fight against - character-wise).

    The supporting cast does an excellent job of the more scummy-side of the Star Wars world. Having 500x more Chewie in this movie than any other is great. The chemistry with Solo and Chewie is so tangible off of the bat. Solo's draw to Beckett and his gang is clear from the first scene they share together and he continues to show his worth each scene to Beckett's gang.

    Donald Glover deserves his own movie pre-Solo. I want to see him hanging out with L3-37 or what the transition to Lobot was. L3-37 was another great robot added to the cast (much like K2-SO) that is such a huge difference from the core droids in R2, BB8 and 3PO.

    Feel - 100% the Star Wars world. I know people don't like it but this continues to the Disney takeover of expanding the universe. The world feels bigger and it's not 100% related to a Jedi, the Force or a Skywalker. That's huge for this franchise because it opens so many more doors to build a new story out of.


  • Sammy - I agree totally. Good movie. I think my review would be invalid because I'm on the record saying I would love any movie set in the Star Wars universe. "Dude, Where's My Car", "Dances With Wolves", "Purple Rain",... All remade Star Wars style. Hey, the musicians have lives too!!

    I did really liked that it was a buddy movie. I was always bummed Chewy didn't have more scenes. (Ha, A "foreign" film on Kashyyk about the lives of Wookies with subtitles!! I'd go see it.) Chewy got some Screen Time! It was exactly the direction I was looking for in that, like you said, there was no"Jedi, the Force or a Skywalker." Love that stuff but I want a look into the nooks and crannies of that universe.

    For me it was 2nd shelf. Not as good as the the other new ST flicks but I'm definitely getting the disc when it comes out. (Still tactile about my media.)This really isn't a negative thing. Its like A+, vs A-.

    (Ok... a little bit of a review..)

  • So.. this movie comes out in Japan JUNE 23rd. Now, some movies get late releases here, some dont get any release, and a few key movies get released at the same time as the States (well..a day earlier because of the International Date Line). All the other new Star Wars movies had a simultaneous release. This is a big warning sign to me.

    I therefore havent seen it yet. Although I toyed around with idea of flying to Korea to see it, I just couldnt find a free weekend.

    The movie has obviously underwhelmed in the box office, which may well cost Kennedy her job as she is the Star Wars czar and if you are the one guiding a franchise to the point that the movies start LOSING money and people are not that interested, well..youve probably done something wrong. Id be hard pressed to come up with an argument where you havent majorly screwed up if youve gotten to the point where Star Wars is losing money.

    Solo.. Ive read Alden has done fine as Han. I think Sammy went beyond "fine". To be honest, this was probably one of the first areas they went wrong with the film. Harrison Ford has legendary and effortless charisma. He inhabits and brings to life his best characters with something intangible that we are drawn to. And arguably MORE drawn to now than when they were new -- the moral ambiguity of Indiana Jones and Han Solo in some gray areas aligns well with the post 9-11 world. Leaving the arthouse thought behind, Alden can do a good job with the role but its just never going to be his, and we all know it and if thats where you are STARTING regarding the movie, then why are you making it? Because we all want more Han Solo? Well..of course we do. To a degree. But thats because humans are simple folk. I would say we only THINK we want more Han Solo, if we really knew what we could get at this point.

    Because youve got a different guy and its not going to be the same. And for 40 years youve either spent a bit of time in your mind or in the school cafeteria or your local pub DISCUSSING and inventing things about Han Solo that we dont know, or maybe youre like me and youve spent countless HOURS in a galaxy far, far away doing this.. creating adventures and your own stories and all this movie can do is limit those.

    And thats my biggest wish, request.. demand..for Disney right now with this franchise. Stop giving us what we THINK we want. And stop trying to get cute with things. Stop trying to be edgy, stop being PC, stop being..everything.

    START giving us creative movies that make us say "wow" again. Fans might think they want a Han Solo movie and they might nudge each other and nod knowingly..and theres plenty of evidence that this is..enough. To be honest, a lot of Star Wars fans arent all that demanding.

    For me and a lot of people one of the intriguing and attractive points of the original trilogy is the constant reference to things off screen that sound cool but have no explanation. I get the temptation to WANT to explain them.. but NOT having everything explained is so much of the texture. Creating movie after movie filling in these things will not just make the franchise stale it will potentially harm the original trilogy.

    Like Birdfinger says, make ANY movie ..sort the Star Wars universe and add real depth, not fan service.

    Dont take our favorite characters and fill in every detail..Ive already done that..weve all done that. Blow me away with something new and creative..and then DOUBLE blow me away with its twist at the end tying in a BIT.

    Fill in MINOR characters. Focus on SHIPS. An idea of mentioned elsewhere is something about the designer of the original X-Wing, and his decision to give it to the Rebellion not the Empire.

    Give me a movie showing an Imperial officer who is conflicted about his role, but finally lives with himself because of some operation against some scum and villainy type elements.

    Along Birdfingers idea.. a Purple Rain type movie set in Mos Eisely showing some themes of the greater Star Wars universe would be excellent..showing how hard it is to make it in the Outer Rim.. maybe he finally gets a solid gig and at the end the Empire comes in and shuts down that Cantina and our lead is out trying to find another gig even though hes just had a "hit song".

    Feel disappointed. They talk about how polarizing The Last Jedi is..and its really, really true. Before that movie I dont think Id ever really disagreed about anything substantive related to Star Wars with Zeb and Sammy. Now, there is little we agree with. They probably think Im too old and too much of a purist..or not "realistic". Where as I think they are sort of settling. Whether they are right or not.. Last Jedi has definitely done something to me.. it hasnt "killed" Star Wars for me.. but Ive turned more back just to the Original Trilogy and some of my enthusiasm is gone. I still considered going to Korea for Solo.. but at the same time, I still havent bought the DVD of The Last Jedi. The whole discussion there is another thread..but in short.. killing look and the WAY they killed look.. wasnt right. And neither was teasing this whole third way of Force users the whole movie just to chicken out of it at the end. Well..a third part of it is .. it in NO WAY felt like it was what is was supposed to did NOT feel like something happening a couple days after Han Solo was killed, StarKiller base was destroyed, the galactic government was destroyed and the Resistance was found. No one acts like that at all.

    But thats another thread.. haha.

  • Good post, Ross. Obviously I agree with much of it, disagree with some of it. But I think that it illustrates one of the major, mostly ignored issues in all this, and that's that as a fan base, and as individual fans, we all want different things out of Star Wars, many of us not actually knowing exactly what we want. Big example: many people, including yourself, are unhappy with what happened to Luke. I think it actually makes sense and appreciate that that's the path they took with him. Many people have stated they didn't want a Solo movie. I was absolutely stoked the moment they announced it. Many people want to really get into the Old Republic stuff. Me, I'm not so into it. If they do it and do it well, sure, I'll enjoy it. But as a concept it's just part of the story that I'm not all that interested in.

    I'm all for exploring the expanded universe. and I absolutely agree that I don't want them to explain away the mystery (George started this with the Prequels and for that I'll never for give him haha). I would love to see movies about lesser known characters, or planets, or technology, etc but if it doesn't come down to good vs evil, if it isn't David vs Goliath, if it isn't about using what you have to do the impossible - if it doesn't feel like Star Wars - then it isn't Star Wars. And so far, with the 4 movies to come out under Disney, it all feels like Star Wars. Are they flawed? Absolutely. Are these movies as good as they could be? Probably not. Is there an element of settling for me as a fan? Sure. But these are the movies we're getting, and as long as we're getting movies of this caliber I'll be happy. The moment we start getting TMNT or Transformers level stories, or Star Wars turns into Hunger Games, Divergent or Maze Runner (all movies I enjoyed, btw, they're just not Star Wars), that's when I'll probably start to lose interest.

  • I agree with @Veda-the-Moor point about fans thinking they want one thing but then deciding they actually don't.

    It the problem of "I don't know what I want but I don't want that."

    I don't blame anyone or want to discredit how a movie or a series makes someone feel. I think there's the really toxic crowd that push for their Star Wars and not what they currently see.

    The one thing that I continue to come back to is that now that Star Wars is under Disney's mantel, they are all about world-building and none of this redundant EU crap where it's a constant Jedi overthrows Sith>Jedi becomes Sith> New Jedi overthrows Sith>Jedi becomes Sith>rinse & repeat.

    The thing that I enjoy about the TFA story of the Jedi is that they are flawed; they are entirely responsible for their own orders fall after centuries of control. People may not like to see their heroes fall but Disney can't rely on love for Luke, Leia and Han without finding suitable replacements for them.

    Back to Solo, what I love most about the movie is that it's a great view into what the Star Wars world is like outside of Jedi and a Skywalker. The awe of space travel and seeing a world ruled by the Empire is interesting to see because it's not the stark "good vs. evil." Solo is a criminal in this film; he steals, kills and double-crosses without remorse. His story is told well enough that I do want to see where things lead and I feel like it's a situation where he oversells himself and then finds out he has to get a way out; no different from being hired to ferry some kid, an old man and some droids to Alderaan.

    The OG movies are still there for people that want to relive the stories; they aren't going away. If anything put me off of Star Wars it's the prequels.


    alt text

  • One big difference between myself and a lot of other fans I've come across (not saying you guys), there are huge swaths of fans who's favorite part of Star Wars is the Clone Wars, others where it's the Old Republic, and others where it's the stories from the video games, with plenty of crossover there, I'm sure.

    While I've gotten some enjoyment out of those things, they just don't interest me all that much (compared to the Saga films and the events directly surrounding those original events and characters) and they're way down on my list of things I'd like to see them make movies about, partly because I don't find them all that interesting but also because they have already been explored in those shows, games, comics and books.

    A lot of people seem to want to see their favorite Star Wars books or video games adapted into films. I will never see eye to eye with those fans on this and they also happen to often be part of the younger generation, the type to lash out angrily on social media, and some of them throw a fit every time a new movie is announced or rumored and it's not one of those.

  • So.. this movie starts Friday here. Finally.

    Kathleen Kennedy has to be fired because I was more excited for Dead Pool 2.

  • Why though?

  • Why was I more excited for Dead Pool?

    Because BEFORE spoilers came out I could take a pretty good guess at what it Solo would be , and it's a movie that didn't need to be made.

    Red Letter Media made a great video where back in March they predicted stuff that would be in the movie.. knowing it would be a paint by numbers , fan service-y type affair instead of something along the lines that made Star Wars great. It's really worth watching them tick off what will happen-- and again I haven't seen the movie but stuff they predicted that seems to have made it in... explaining where Han gets his blaster, have a betrayal, Han will be be an orphan, his mentor will tell him not to trust people, they will try to explain the Kessell run error with time/space from the first movie, et al.

    Instead of explaining every reference in the comfiest three movies they need to understand that despite fans thinking they want more info-- what makes the movies great and have depth IS the unexplained references just casually thrown about.

    Tell epic tales with memorable characters... universal themes and grand, sweeping universals.

    It's 35 years since Return of the Jedi. There have been 7 films since. But it's the characters from the original trilogy only that really resonate with people, it's only those characters that are in the goods that mainstream people buy , that mainstream culture references .

    As fans I think it's time we start demanding more.

    Under Kathleen Kennedy's guidance-- we have our first Star Wars film under perform sat the box office, the first divisive Star Wars film, and a direction that has alienated tons of people who have been Star Wars for 40 years. That's not great.

  • Solo is not a great movie but it was never going to be a great movie. It's fun and entertaining and nostalgic and I think it answers some questions (some that were maybe never really posed) without completely overdoing it. We didn't need this movie, a lot of people didn't even want this movie, but I'm glad we got it. One, because I enjoy it and I'll be happy to add it to my collection when it's available, and that's one more Star Wars movie option on those nights when I'm in a Star Wars mood (there are many, you can imagine). Two, because, as Yoda said in TLJ, "the greatest teacher, failure is", and I think it gives Lucasfilm a chance to reexamine their strategy going forward; from which movies they choose to make, to how they choose to make those movies, to even when they choose to release those movies. I think all of those issues and more will be addressed thanks, in part, to Solo.

    I'm worried about Episode IX because I don't trust JJ to care enough about completing a good, memorable story. I think with JJ aesthetics and intrigue are more important than answers and satisfaction. I fear that he'll be going into IX with the same mindset he went into TFA with: fixing Star Wars. Which means it will look and feel and sound like Star Wars, but that it may be just a passable story i.e. TFA***. Only this time I don't think Star Wars needs fixing. Episode IX needs to be epic. It needs to out-epic TLJ. I don't know what that means as far as the story goes, I don't care really, that's not my job. I just know that it needs to be great, not only for the sake of completing the trilogy, but also for setting the tone for what comes next for the franchise, and reuniting the fan base, though that's likely an impossible task. But I need JJ to care about the characters he wrote and to show us exactly why these are the people he chose to carry the torch for Leia, Luke & Han. Rian Johnson didn't write those characters, but he took them where he thought they needed to go (with, I have to believe, at least some guidance or instruction from JJ).

    I honestly wish Rian Johnson was doing IX. I wish he had been slated to do both movies the day they hired him to do TLJ. I think his version of the Star Wars universe and the Skywalker saga is the one I want to see, and I think it would have been much more palatable for fans if he were able to spread his story out over two movies. I'm not sure what he would have done differently, if anything at all, but I think that maybe he wouldn't have felt as though he had to accomplish all of the things he did in one movie, and maybe he would have been more willing/able to address some of the mysteries posed by JJ in TFA which, as I've stated before never really bothered me much, but seem to have been expected to be addressed in the second film of the trilogy by many, many fans.

    ***I want to clarify that I still love TFA. It was fun, exciting & nostalgic, it did it's job in reintroducing us to the Star Wars universe that we knew and loved before the dark times... before the PREQUELS. And I think that it was overall a really good Star Wars movie. Maybe a bit too much rehash, and maybe the posing of some unnecessary questions with no intention of answering (remains to be seen, obviously), but a good movie. And I love the new characters that were introduced. I really do want to see where they end up and how they get there and I think that between TFA and TLJ we have pretty good character arcs so far for all of them. I just hope that Episode IX is as much better than TLJ as TLJ was better than TFA. Probably unfair expectations and as we've seen that's dangerous territory these days haha. But that's where I'm currently at. Gonna be an exciting 18 months of news and speculation, I imagine.

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