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Seahawks Playoff Destiny

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    All impactful games that will help/hinder the Seahawks have been moved to 1:25 PM (PST).

    For the Seahawks to make the playoffs they need:

    • Win against Arizona at home (they're 1-3 in their past four home games)
    • Carolina win over at Atlanta (ATL owns the head-to-head tie-breaker so we need to have more wins and can't tie them record-wise)
    • Carolina and New Orleans are fighting for the NFC South + the 5th Seed Wild Card spot so them playing at the same time keeps it so neither side can tank as they've both secured a playoff spot.

  • Excellent! Thanks for posting.

  • Seattle opens as a 10-point favorite against the Drew Stanton-led Arizona Cardinals.

    Panthers are also a favorite in ATL.

  • Admittedly, I thought if this team made the playoffs it would be a quick exit. But I tell ya, if the offense starts to find a rhythm, we could be a dangerous match up. Personally, I want the Rams. We actually have a winning record on the road this season. I mean, I think if we beat the Cards at home this weekend, the Seahawks would have the same record on the road as they do at home. I would love a road path to a championship though. Pair that with beating the Rams and that would just be storybook. Possible blockbuster movie kinda stuff.

    Go Hawks!!

  • So... Carolinia can Falcons. Both are flawed teams.. will Carolina help us out?

  • Rams went 7-1 on the road, pretty impressive really.

    While I don't like the Seahawks on grass; the Rams have no home-field advantage to speak of so far.

    I like that the NFC West is getting better but it makes it harder for the Seahawks when we're currently an incomplete team.

  • I love how the NFL set up the schedule to make the games more competitive. If they get in I still think they can make some noise if they get in. St this point I would be surprised if we don't get in.

  • It just seems to be whether Cam Newton shows up to play for real.. he is becoming David Krieg-ish sometimes, with games he just doesnt show up for. 49ers arent a push over..all ofa sudden the hot team with a real qb but I agree we will win.

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