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  • OK, we're all a bit despondent over the Rams game...ewwwwww! Shoot, even Niner fans are trying to kick sand in my face!! So I say...

    Enough!! The game's over, it's humpday, new game this Sunday. Let's kick some Cowboys butt!!! Go 'Hawks!!

  • Go Hawks!!!!

    I feel you @Lymon it's hard to stay optimistic when expectations are essentially Superbowl or bust each year since 2013.

  • Go Hawks!

  • To be fair, I'm despondent over the JAX AND Rams games.. and the general state of affairs. Outside of the Eagles game this team hasn't looked right for a long time.

    We had so little cap space we couldn't put a player on IR.....

    To be awesome this year weve given up a couple second rounders and a third and enough cap space that it will cost a us a player next year..

    We have an expensive QB but didn't buy tools to use his strengths, and we refuse to use his strengths to improve other facets of the game.

    We cant score in the first half, going on 3 years now.

    When we had "only" 5 Pro Bowlers our defense wasn't very good.. implying our D coordinator actually needs a full team of pro bowlers to put a good defense out there?

    Bennett is 33 next year, the rest of the core outside of Griffin and Clark are 30 years old or older next year.

    The Rams are younger, faster, healthier and in better cap situation than we are, with a better team right now. So, if we want to rectify this its going to take some serious money balling.

  • Earl was born in May 1989, so he'll only be 29yo next year....... neener neener!! 🙂

  • I'm using Korean age..

  • @veda-the-moor said in Enough!!:

    I'm using Korean age..

    He doesn't look Korean? LOL!

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