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Maxwell vs Lane vs Griffin vs Coleman..

  • So..vs. the Jags, Maxwell was the clear target and Griffin's lack of ball skills or ball awareness was on display. Lane has been playing sparingly. Coleman hasn't been an all star but I think its safe to say he has exceeded expectations.

    Lane isn't what he was, but I think I want to try him out at LCB if Maxwell keeps showing up as the God of 3rd Down Conversions for the other team.

    We don't have a stand out, shut down corner but to make up for that we should have plenty of depth. I hope that they can play to that and also start scheming to help the CBs a bit more. They are doing things opposite right now, IMHO.

    They keep droppings 7 and rushing 4, hesitating to blitz to help the CBs. But with the rules and the time that gives QBs WRs are still getting open and we keep giving mediocre QBs career days. I think I want to go the other direction. We have a bunch of B and B+ D linemen.. give them a bit more help getting pressure and I think it probably goes to a tipping point so even short drops could often have pressure.. no more "1 hit on 28 drop back* games. Play tighter man to man, trust Earl at safety, and put some pressure on the front end. Or at least try.

    Desean Shead should be back soon too.. so where do you put him to maximize his value?

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