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Where are you at with this team right now?

  • There's been a lot of ups and downs this season, few ups higher than the win over the Eagles, but few downs lower than last weekend's loss to the Jags. So where does that leave you?

    Short term, are you confident the team will pull it together quick enough to make a playoff push? Do you concede that this season is all but over, time to focus on the off season?

    Long term, is the core still there to be perennial playoff contender? Or is this the beginning of the end for the LOB era and possibly the Schneider/Carroll regime?

    Most importantly, are you having fun? Are you still enjoying this team? Or has it become more difficult to watch than it's worth for you?

  • Great question.

    I think that I am still okay with where this team is at. What is evident is that they are not the dominant team from 2012-2014 that really had that killer instinct.

    Age and injuries have caused us a few loses but we are also like 5 plays away from winning 3 of those games out-right that would have made us 11-2 instead of 8-5.

    Still a really good team and possible to make a playoff push in these last few games.

  • Heavy post, man. But timely.

    Honestly, I cant even figure out where I am at. I need to find some time this afternoon and sort of "Seahawk center" myself.. find out my actual, objective opinion.

    I certainly THINK I believe the window essentially cant close because we still check all key boxes you need to be a contender. You need these 3 things , plus at least a "C+" defense, depending on where you decide to spend.:

    Good owner.
    Good coach.
    Franchise QB.

    We have those. We still have some defense. So.. the team is a contender. Even this year, honestly. Weve beaten the two best teams in the NFC as judged by pundits and the "eye" test.. the Eagles (pre Wentz injury) and the Rams. So we know we can soar. But weve lost some horrible games, horrible as in "what a waste"..and weve lost some games where they showed up late or not at all. Injuries are piling up. Short term.. we can still make a playoff push and the NFC is now back to wide open because Wentz got hurt and I don't believe in Case Keenum in January. I will say this.. if you want to focus short term.. we needed to find a way to keep Freeney. He made the line better AND he had the cache to tell the younger or more hot headed guys to cool it.

    Long term..I don't know where we are. Last year I wanted us to trade Kam to help us re load and took (take?) a lot of flak for it. But , sorry.. with him out the pass defense actually upgraded and he isn't as physical as he once was. A number of games this year this team has been out physical-ed.. the Titans for sure, the Jaguars probably. JS and PC shouldn't be done but I think they have to do some better self scouting and better guard against getting too sentimental. All of life is stats and economics essentially and there is no room for sentimentality unfortunately. I love Kam but I also would have loved getting picks for him when we could have gotten them. I don thave Bevel like some do, but its years now that we cant get the offense going in the first half.. which means always playing from behind, which isn't what the offense is designed to do and not what the defense does best. The DC isn't getting the most out of the talent he has been given either. So.. need to evaluate the coordinators, need to honestly evaluate the players. Is Bennett as good as we think he is? Is KJ Wright?

    We need to find some playmakers. We need to find our way back on course because in my opinion, weve drifted off of it.

  • I mentioned before that I felt this season was a bit of a transition year, and I stand by that. I know the goal every year is the SB, but this seems like a year where the offense is transitioning to a Wilson-centric offense, much like the it transitioned in 2011 to a Beast Mode-centric offense. The defense, too, is in the middle of a transition period, with players like Avril and Chancellor clearly on the downslope of their careers.

    This is the season when Schneider has to hit on those draft picks and free agency pickups, because the over-reliance on the stars from our 2012-2014 years is about to hit a wall. We need guys like Sheldon Richardson and Shaq Griffin and Naz Jones to become the backbone of the defense, and we need to continue to supply Wilson with weapons like McKissic and PRich.

  • I've tried twice to answer this and ended up with long rambling posts. Suffice it to say I've let go of championship expectations. I'm looking forward to some good games comin' up though. I can't help be drift off to thinking of the offseason moves to be made and how this team will be remade to seriously chase a championship again next season.

    Oh but I'll take the unexpected championship. Every time.

  • Problem with "next year " is we used some of next years money to pay for this year. Every contract we renegotiated to turn base salary from this year into bonus money is more money that counts against the cap NEXT year. And we have a ton of players whose contracts are up. Next year there will be a player or two we want to keep but have to let go because we restricted this year to get Sheldon Richardson and whomever else (I feel like there is at least one other player we restructured contracts for but can't remember). Our window isn't closing but there are definite signs we were more all in for THIS year than usual.

    It's a shame how it's ending up because there is opportunity there for sure this year.

    I want some serious rethinking of the coaching staff and some serious honest player evaluations. Is everyone earning their contract?

  • IMHO: In a lot of ways football is a game of attrition. Who stays healthy, who doesn't, is always a game changer.....ask the Packers.

    And the end of the game last week, we were down 2 starting LBs, 2 starting DBs, and at least one starting D lineman. All these guys have been Pro-Bowlers. You can't just replace that type of talent by snapping your fingers. You can wish it, but it ain't gonna happen.

    Yes, it's next man up and all that, but that doesn't mean the next guy is of the same talent or experience.

    I'm still proud of this team and still believe they will make the playoffs. If they don't, I'll still be as strong a fan as always...but that's just me. To each their own.

  • Where am I with this team right now?...Same place I've been for almost 40 years. Go Hawks!
    Even in the 2-14 year...Go Hawks!
    And the Mora year, when I laughed at the Keystone Cops ineptitude for the second half of the season...Go Hawks!
    So I cry about the injuries and whine about the officials as I root for the Seahawks, every game, however the chips may fall.
    0_1513347885228_I'm In smaller.jpg
    Go Hawks!

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