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#219 Los Angeles Rams 12-12-17 (Tuesday Edition)

  • @sammyc521 , @Zeb-Stark & @Veda-the-Moor Continue their roller-coaster with the Seahawks as they try to recover from a big loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars and return to Seattle to face the NFC West Leading Los Angeles Rams.

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    The rollercoaster 2017 season continues; after their most complete game of the year against the "best" team in the NFL, the Seahawks shoot themselves in the foot on their way to a tough 30-24 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Wilson sets an NFL record with this 16th & 17th fourth-quarter TD but it goes all for naught as a missed call and failed execution give the ball back to the Jags to end the game. Seahawks lose their LB pair and then a fight ensues with multiple flags on the players and coaches. Now it's back to CenturyLink to rebound and face the Los Angeles Rams for 1st place in the NFC West.

    Topic #1 - Pete champions the mantra "Win Forever;" but are we seeing cracks in the philosophy?
    Topic #2 - In all five losses this year, the Seahawks have been within one-score; is this their competitive nature or a flawed team?
    Topic #3 Homer Corner - What is your responsibility as a fan to the Seahawks?
    Topic #4 - Los Angeles Rams Can the Seahawks rally around a backyard offense to defeat the Rams?

    Fantasy Update:
    #1 Alice in Horns (Laurel) vs. #4 No Extra Lives (Ross)
    #2 Lior's Rad Team (Lior) vs. #3 Bye Week (Matty)
    5th Place Game #5 Mega Wilson X (Sam) vs. #6 Offensive PI (Zeb)

    Final Score: Seahawks vs. Rams
    1st-3rd Qtr Score vs 4th Qtr Score: Seahawks
    More Rushing Attempts: Wilson vs. Seahawks RBs
    Total Points Over/Under: 48 Points
    Blair Walsh Long FG Attempt Over/Under: 45-yard FG
    Longest play of the game: Pass/Run/INT/Fumble/Kick Return/Punt Return
    Rebound Player of the Week?

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