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Week 15 'Hawks (8-5) vs Rams (9-4) NFC West Showdown

  • Seahawks still have a chance for the NFC West with a big match-up against the current leading LA Rams (9-4).

    With a win, the Seahawks would have the tie-breaker with two wins should their records stay even at the end of the year.

    With a loss, the Seahawks would fall 2-games behind and would have to win their last two with the Rams losing their last two so that it would fall to Divisional Record instead of head-to-head (Seahawks 5-1 [Rams loss] vs. Rams 4-2 [Seahawks & Niners loss]).

  • Gut check game. I don't even know how I feel about it right now. I think I'm still getting over the Jaguars. I wasn't even worried about that one. sigh.

  • Well, it looks like Bobby's gonna try and gut it out, but KJ is kinda 'who knows'?

  • If he practiced Thursday he should make it, if he didn't then he wont have time enough to get through the protocol. I haven't heard yet whether he did or not..

  • ^^^^^^I don't believe KJ's practiced at all this week.

  • Damn. No KJ then.

    So do we go with back up LBs all game that didn't seem really up to it..? Or perhaps go with a heavy safety look much of the time.... no KJ and no Kam, Rams are gonna try to run..

  • It's game day! Let's get the energy going.....Go 'Hawks!!!

  • GO HAWKS!!!

  • Wow! %#@)&!
    GO HAWKS!!!

  • It is tuff to watch this game, but they'll be another game next week. Go 'Hawks!!

  • So.. um...

  • We freakin' got punched in the mouth by the new bully in the division! We still have a small chance to squeeze into a wildcard spot though. Too many thoughts swirling in my bean at the moment, mostly about offseason stuff.

    But before that....


    GO HAWKS!!!!!!

  • Didn't get to watch this game live but once i saw the boxscore I knew it wasn't worth watching.

    As much as the Seahawks pride themselves it should be understood that this kind of a blow out is extremely rare.

    I don't know what this means for the playoffs as this team looks beat up. Every NFL team faces injuries but it's quite rare to happen to key members of your team.


  • The fat chick maybe warming up her pipes, but she ain't singing yet!!

    Go 'Hawks!!

  • Wow! That was about as much fun as a barrel of dead monkeys.
    Sometime, around Thursday, I will once again shout, "Go Hawks!"

  • Methinks the cheering should start tonight.....Go 'Bucs!!


  • Well, that didn't work too well. 😞 But is was an interesting game. The Bucs didn't roll over and I always respect that.

    Go Saints!

  • Sort of kind of thought the Bucs would pull it out.. didn't work out.

    I'm not down on the Seahawks or anything but I'm not really reserving much hope for this season. Already thinking about what might happen in the offseason. Apparently a lot of Seahawk contracts are worded so that the 5th day after the Super Bowl is when decisions need to be made, not the start of the new NFL year... so.. we wont have to wait as long to see who might be staying or going.

    If we want to be competitive for the next 5 years, and that's the frame of mind I hope we are in..then we need to really plan carefully here.

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