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Seattle moves closer to NHL franchise deal

  • writes:

    Seattle moved closer to a professional hockey franchise with reports that that the National Hockey League’s commissioner made formal request to its Board of Governors to seek approval for a new franchise in the Emerald City.
    Coming in the wake of the city’s new agreement for a plan to rebuild the former KeyArena, the league proposal will ask the owners to set a timeline for awarding the franchise — a $650 million asking price and the specific details about advance season-ticket deposits – which league officials see as a demonstration of the potential local fan base.
    The proposal was offered at the annual NHL Board of Governors’ meeting in Florida.

    710 AM ESPN then tweeted:

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    BREAKING NEWS: The NHL has agreed to consider expansion application for Seattle,WA. Bonderman and Bruckheimer can now begin to formally apply for a team.

    I am excited for hockey fans... I think the location will suck. Would rather the hockey arena be somewhere other than Lower Queen Anne.

  • Good news. Does this help in trying to get the Sonics back at all?

  • Not really. The NBA will continue to use Seattle as leverage to extort cities to build new arenas.

    Not giving it too much thought until something is finalized. Getting an NHL teams feels closer than anything recent for the Sonics.

  • Gary Bettman has now announced that Jerry Brockheimer and David Bonderman may formally apply but also start to do Season Ticket Drives to gauge interest.

    I wonder what they will do with the name if it progresses this far.

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  • Is there a chance the T-Birds become the NHL franchise? Or will it be an all new team?

  • Most likely they would have to buy-out the WHL Franchise so I don't see that happening. The Thunderbirds are a real team and they won the WHL last year.

    When the Sounders were added to the MLS, they actually folded and then tried to go with another name; Seattle FC, Seattle Republic and Seattle Alliance. They let the fans vote and it was overwhelmingly for "Seattle Sounders" so they went with Sounder FC.

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    Thrilled to share Seattle’s excitement for the @NHL with Commissioner Gary Bettman. We’re ready to bring back a team and the Stanley Cup. Ready for us @Canucks?

    Seattle Mayor is meeting with the NHL and their Commisioner, Gary Bettman, today.

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