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Weekly radio show..

  • Quite a few coaches and a few players have a weekly radio show. Pete Carroll sort of does, but its more like him doing a press conference for 2 reporters.

    If there was one Seahawk player who had his own in depth show who would you want it to be?

    I think Id love to hear what Earl Thomas was thinking every week..the only reservation I have is whether Thomas is fully rational and fully able to express himself.

  • Maybe Doug Baldwin. He seems to be able to get in depth about any number of topics including X's and O's. The plays and the game itself i'd like it to focus on though.

    B-Wags would be ok and I'm sure he can talk about the game and all but he's so soft spoken I may doze off.

    Sherm or Moses would also of course be good radio.

    Oh, you said one. Doug. He would most likely keep it on topic and to the point. If tune in to hear about the game thats what I want the focused on. Other guys would drift off topic too much.

  • Doug Baldwin and Richard Sherman. I would Patreon the shit out of that show. They would cover so many things and do it extremely well. They are both so well spoken and highly articulate.

  • I feel like Baldwin is the obvious answer for a one dude show, but I'm gonna piggy back off a couple ideas already mentioned and say I'd like to hear Sherm, Baldwin & Bennett do a show together, and I'd like them to have a rotating panel of guests starting with Luke Willson and just working their way through the roster.

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