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#218 Jacksonville Jaguars 12-7-17 (Thursday Edition)

  • @sammyc521 , @Zeb-Stark & @Veda-the-Moor come off their high as they celebrate the huge win over the Eagles. Will we come back to earth facing the Jacksonville Jaguars?

    Join them live by going to their channel;

    Get your questions in; we've love to get you guys involved.

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    Seahawks celebrate a huge win over the then #1 team in the NFC, the Philadelphia Eagles. Sam eats a ton of crow as he was the only one to predict a Seahawks loss. The Seahawks play their most "complete" game of the year. Wilson and Wagner continue their MVP talk with a dominating performance on Sunday Night Football. With four games remaining, the ride is just beginning to start. Mike Davis is our RB Jesus compiling 101 yards from scrimmage.

    Topic #1 - Is Wilson the MVP of the League? Is Bobby the Defensive Player of the Year? If not, what will it take for them to win?
    Topic #2 - John Schneider's off-season was on full display; do fans give him enough credit?
    Topic #3 Homer Corner - What is the biggest thing you've predicted wrong about the Seahawks?
    Topic #4 - Are you afraid of a Blake Bortles led Jaguars? What about a Jalen Ramsey led Jaguars Defense?

    Fantasy Update
    FanTable - All three members made the playoffs
    3-Step - Lior & Matty made the playoffs
    Match-ups: Sam vs. Ross and Zeb vs. Matty
    Do you have a Sacko (last place prize/punishment) in your leagues?

    Final Score: Seahawks vs. Jaguars
    Blake Bortles Throws more: INTs/TDs
    Seahawks Defensive Rushing Over/Under: 100 yards (avg 71.2 past 5 games)
    Seahawks Offensive Rushing Over/Under: 100 yards (avg 110 past 5 games)
    TE Techno Thursday Continues: Yes/No

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