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Gold Cup

  • I would bet Mexico wins.

    Mexico has won the title 7 times to the US' 5 and Canada's 1.

    Mexico is also the highest rated FIFA ranking... um that's all I got.

  • What even is soccer?

    I've got the game set to record and probably won't be able to watch it till late tonight or tomorrow morning so NO SPOILERS JEEEEZ.

  • or... maybe I'll stream it while I work. forgot I could do that. that seems like a better idea.

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  • What's soccer?

  • I was at a pub yesterday for Trivia Night with some friends and Co-Workers; there was a Seattle Sounders game and the US Men's on.

    Everyone at the pub was yelling for the soccer fans to shut up because we couldn't hear our trivia questions.

  • One of the greatest games in the history of the Sounders and that poxy league, and trivia night is more important. Brilliant.

  • @mfb12 said in Gold Cup:

    One of the greatest games in the history of the Sounders and that poxy league, and trivia night is more important. Brilliant.

    Should show you how important soccer is to the greater Seattle area. Sounders fans are very die-hard but I openly judge them. To their credit, their team has won 4 US Open Cups (Oldest US open soccer tournament), 1 Supporters Shield (regular season points leader) and 1 MLS Cup. Add the fact they've been good and in the playoffs each year since they started.

  • The popularity of futbol in the US has skyrocketed in the last 10 years. It's probably a literal thousand times more popular than it was when I was a kid. And it's still not shit to most people over here.

    But I gotta say, for whatever reason, something just clicked in me recently and I find it genuinely interesting and entertaining. I doubt I'll ever be all that knowledgeable when it comes to the sport, I mean I've been studying American football for 30 years and I'm still a dumb dumb about that. So yeah. #soccer

    How tf did we switch the name to soccer anyway? That'd be like if Europeans just started calling American football shlooper. Weird.

  • @zeb-stark soccer is actually a term that originated in the UK. In all seriousness, I have no issue with Americans calling it that, especially when you guys have your glorious football.

    So pleased you are getting into the beautiful game though. If you are a masochist Newcastle United should be your English team...

  • *glorious shlooper.

  • Canada/Jamaica bout to start here in a minute. No idea what that's gonna be like but I guess it's bobsled time.

  • Semis this weekend. USA/Costa Rica tonight and Jamaica/Mexico tomorrow. I'm going OK USA! ALL THE WAY! but I have to admit I did develop a little soft spot for Jamaica after watching them molly-wop the Canadians the other day.

  • So, I was all super stoked that the US was doing good in the Cup till I looked it up and realized they win it like every year. Wtf?

  • I told you that they and Mexico win it.

  • Yeah but I didn't have any context. Anyway, I'm rooting for Jamaica now.

  • Final tonight. USA vs Jamaica. Jamaica's upset over Mexico was fantastic. Do they have what it takes to bring down the US? I don't know if they do, but I can't pretend that there's not a little part of me that wouldn't mind seeing it happen.

    Anyway, kickoff's at 6:30 I believe. I'll be working but I'll be watching.

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