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Prepare yourself: Kam may go to IR

  • Rumor out there the stinger Kam got is almost as bad as Cliffs.

    11m11 minutes ago
    some rumors I am working on confirming- none from main source- but pretty sure Kam does not play MNF & IR possible in 1-2 weeks...hope rumors are wrong

    Chad Bellessa‏
    1h1 hour ago
    Replying to @EvanonHB @Jason_OTC
    My source says Kam Chancellor received neck brace through insurance claim

    Not ready to lose Kam. So needed on this team especially this year.

  • I'm sick.

  • Boooooooooooo. I hate this.

  • Well.. damn. Sort of kind of was expecting this when no one had ANYTHING to say about it and the injury just sort of went uncommented on after last game.

    Things to overcome are kind of piling up here.....

  • I have already conceded in my mind that this season is DONE. No playoffs without Kam AND Sherm.

  • Not to be a Pollyanna, because anyone who listens to our podcast knows I'm anything but.. but despite the fact these two guys are our certain Ring members and likely HOF members.. arguably this year is a year we can still get to the playoffs without them. Kam's backup is a starter on most teams, who originally didn't want to come to Seattle but eventually was convinced he'd have a real role. It's not like last year where we are throwing just anyone out there. McDougald is legit, despite his last name.

    Sherm hurts but if your team can't survive losing a cornerback you've already done something wrong. With Earl up high anyway, Lane should be able to take away the fly and out patterns and control the sideline zone so it's just a matter of the ins, digs and crossing routes. With the zone in place and McDougald and Bobby in the middle we aren't talking a disaster. It means instead of 0-4 times a game the opponent can go left 3-8 times a game. If Lane doesn't get it done we will know fairly soon and Maxwell can play there or potentially if it comes to that out Maxwell on the right where he is used to, since we are rushing him and put Griffin on the left-- he's young and less likely to be set in his ways.

    Remember, Sherman emerged because of an injury. These injuries are serious and do degrade us right now, but these are also opportunities for players to show what they have and it's likely in my opinion we see some young guy surprise us with what he can do.

  • If anything, I cannot wait to see if Griff gets moved. He has impressed me. Great draft pick and awesome performance so far this season.

  • Multiple reports now that Kam is going to the IR.

    I'd link but I'm too depressed.

  • @sammyc521 said in Prepare yourself: Kam may go to IR:

    Multiple reports now that Kam is going to the IR.

    I'd link but I'm too depressed.

    I was hoping this lineup had 2 maybe 3 more years together but its looking like the "changing of the guard" is beginning to take place. Its been seen so many times throughout many football seasons, as age comes so do injuries. For this team to survive they need to get younger. I'm curious about Sheldon Richardson now. He's 26 and a powerhouse DL. I'm thinking PC/JS will be willing to blow things up a bit this coming offseason to keep a guy like this and build around him and Frank Clark.

    Sorry.... typing out loud and straying from topic a bit.

    I think Sherm will be back next season but won't lockdown like he was. Returning at his age from that injury and being the same player is a big ask. Kam is much more concerning because there is talk of career ender like with Cliff. Kam plays so physical that if he can't hit like he wants to he may retire. I haven't heard squat about Dellano Hill good or bad but I was thinking he was drafted to be the heir apparent to Kam and that concerns me.

    1st off I want Kam to be well for his sake and to live a long and happy life.
    2ndly I so, so want Kam to be back there with Earl just a season or two longer. I'm not ready to let that tandem go and really, who is more important than me??

    NO ONE!

    Asked and answered!!

  • @legionofboom said in Prepare yourself: Kam may go to IR:

    I have already conceded in my mind that this season is DONE. No playoffs without Kam AND Sherm.

    I think we can still make the playoffs, but I don't think we can advance. It'll take all of Russell's magic to get us there.

  • This is kind of the transition most QBs makes; happened with the Patriots, Ravens, and Steelers.

    Strong defensive-minded teams that became more and more geared towards their QB's.

    Of those teams, only the Patriots have turned it into huge success. The Ravens have stunk; people are questioning how good Flacco is and with the Steelers, there's still questions of their QB retiring after every hit.

    I believe that Russ is that special he can carry a team. We've seen him lead the team to huge comebacks only to be let-down by late defensive lapses. He (and the offense) have started slow with the Defense helping them stay in some games.

    Either way, it's time for the young guys to step up.

    @Veda-the-Moor was talking about this in our Podcast; our team is not old in his mind (and I agree) but we are seeing our veteran presence is starting to come into question with these frequent injuries.

  • alt text

    Officially confirmed; Kam is done for the year.

    Bob Condotta:

    Carroll says on @710ESPNSeattle that Kam Chancellor is out for the year and Cliff Avril will have surgery Tuesday.

  • Oh, well... No surprise but sad to hear anyhow. Hang tuff, Cliff and Kam!

  • Well.. time to see if investing in a new back up safety will pay off. No big plays this past game but McDougall wasn't a real liability either. If we are gonna do it this year we are gonna do it the hard way!

  • For whatever reason... Chancellor still isn't on the IR?

    I wonder if there are salary reasons they are keeping him on the active 53 even though they know he can't play.

    Seems like a lost opportunity even more so with them releasing Freeney.

  • Per Curtis Crabtree:

    They don’t have any cap space. That was part of the reasoning with Freeney move saw well. They have to pay Kam regardless, but putting him on IR adds another player, and contract, to roster that they can’t afford.

    Forgot how razor thin their cap space is this year. This includes extension to three contracts to existing players and taking on the contracts of Sheldon and Duane.

  • Man... it takes money from the future but I think I would have asked one more player to do one more adjustment of his contract to free money to both keep Freeney and afford at least someone to take Chancellors place.. someone sitting on a practice squad.

    I think I saw a figure that they have 165,000 dollars left.

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