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#215 Atlanta Falcons 11-15-17 (Monday Night Football)

  • @sammyc521 , @Zeb-Stark & @Veda-the-Moor discuss the next prime-time game with the Seahawks facing the NFC Champion Atlanta Falcons.

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    Roster moves all week long (Sherm & Prosise to IR), Maxie back and Davis promoted, then a lot of moves on the Practice Squad. Seahawks move to 6-3 but face an up-hill battle for the NFC West and top-seeding in the NFC. Every Seahawks bemoaned the short rest between playing at home Sunday to an away Thursday Night Game. They do get extended rest with the next game being Monday Night Football against the 5-4 Atlanta Falcons. Bennett (and the DLine) stand during the anthem to show support for the Veteran's over the weekend to help people understand that their protest is not about the military. Jerry Jones wants to sue the NFL and his RB has accepted his suspension.

    Topic #1 - What does the LOB mean to you? What's its future?
    Topic #2 - Have the Seahawks finally admitted they are a Passing Team?
    Topic #3 Homer Corner - Will you love any current Seahawks more than your first Seahawks love?
    Topic #4 Dan Quinn's Falcons come to town; which Falcon's team should the Seahawks expect to face?

    Fantasy Update
    FanTable; 4th Sam, 8th Ross, 10th Zeb
    3 Step; 1st Matty, 3rd Lior, 11th Coleman
    Does Fantasy ever get in the way of your enjoying the game? Does it enhance it?

    Final Score: Seahawks vs. Falcons
    More Yards: Julio vs. Doug
    More Yards: Seahawks RB or Jimmy Graham
    Nickel Alignment: Lane, Griffin, Coleman, Thorpe, Maxwell
    Bigger Threat: Death Row or Adrian Clayborn
    Seahawks Starting OL: Brown, Joeckel, Britt, Pocic, Ifedi
    Surprise Seahawks Player

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