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Week 11 'Hawks (6-3) vs. Falcons (5-4) Monday Night

  • Atlanta travels back to Seattle but this time for a Monday Night Game.

    Seahawks will be playing after a TNF game and will have 4 extra days of "rest" to try and get healthy.

    • FS Thomas has been ruled ready for the game
    • SS Chancellor's availability is unknown (still early in the week)
    • Same as DT Reed
    • LT Brown said he's ready to go
    • CB Sherman will be put on IR sometime this week; Seattle has not missed a game in 7 years
    • LG Joeckel may come back this week
    • RB Carson may come back in December
    • Seattle/QB Wilson may get in trouble for the Concussion Protocol

  • I expect a pretty big fine for the concussion thing. It was clear to those who had the big picture at home Wilson wasn't concussed but it's tough to argue the red wasn't justified in sending him to the sidelines and once he did he has to go through the questions properly and not decide himself he was fine.

    Carson back in December would be awesome!

    We will need Reed back so hoping he can't heal up!

  • Updates from Pete's 11/16 Press Conference:

    • Sherm's surgery went well
    • Earl is practicing and should be ready to go for the game
    • Kam has not had any new news (signs that he won't be able to go)
    • Bradley McDougald is the back Safety at both positions; happy they have him ready to back up Kam
    • Joeckel is practicing again; no commitment yet
    • Duane Brown will be a game-time decision
    • Lacy back at practice
    • Mike Davis will get reps (been practicing all year under the PS)
    • Jaran Reed practicing again; Game-time Decision on whether he'll play on Monday
    • Marcus Smith is back
    • Maxwell "We're just gonna kick him back into our style of play and see what happens...he's a good football player, aggressive and makes things happen."

  • Some positives going into this game:

    • Earl Thomas is coming back
    • Duane Brown is a "game-time decision" but it sounds like he will play
    • Wilson is talking again after almost breaking his jaw and drinking all his food
    • Seahawks got extra rest coming from a TNF to MNF game
    • Vikings Rams lost so the Seahawks move into a half-game behind the Rams (with a win, they take over 1st in the West)
    Team Div Record
    Eagles East 9-1
    Vikings North 8-2
    Saints South 8-2
    Rams West 7-3
    Panthers WC #1 7-3
    Seahawks WC #2 6-3

    Should the Seahawks win, it would push them to #1 in the West and the 4th overall seed (with 6 games remaining)

  • Viking won, not lost. Rams lost so if we win tomorrow first place is ours again. Then we can start thinking about seeding a bit again.

    Cowboys played the Eagles close for three quarters so I'm encouraged there as well. Eagles seem real legit but they also seem like a good match up for us.

  • I know we keep losing key players but I have a gut feeling we end up with anothrt 10+ win season and surprise a lot of people. We still have a ton of talent on the defense, an improving line, a QB who's as good as anyone and players who've been there before. I do think it's going to take the staff not being stubborn and letting the offense be aggressive often and early.

  • 💯 @austinslater25

    Which is probably the most annoying thing about the Seahawks in the 2nd-half of the season.

    Year 1st Half Record 2nd Half Record Result
    2012 4-4 7-1 #1 Wild Card
    2013 7-1 6-2 #1 NFC (West Winner)
    2014 5-3 7-1 #1 NFC (West Winner)
    2015 4-4 6-2 #2 Wild Card
    2016 5-2-1 5-3 #3 NFC (West Winner)
    2017 5-3 1-0 #6 NFC (Wild Card #2)
    Total 48 games / 41 games 30-17-1 32-9 (7 games remaining) 2nd Half Team

    Surprisingly... this season we're tied for the 2nd best start through the first 8-games.

  • Duane Brown playing tonight:

    alt text
    Omar Ruiz
    After testing out his ankle pregame, Duane Brown gave me the thumbs up. He’ll play tonight.

  • Steve Raible reports the inactives:

    • Kam Chancellor
    • Thomas Rawl (healthy scratch)
    • Michael Wilhoite
    • Luke Joeckel
    • Jarron Reed
    • Garrison Smith
    • Quinton Jefferson

  • Brown is huge and if he's close to 100% it's a huge plus. McDougal should be fine in coverage but with Reed and Kam out curious to see how we do against the run.

  • Go 'Hawks!! Kick some Birdie booty!!

  • So..that opening drive sort of confirmed our worst fears but that's just the first drive..

    The defense still has SO many pro bowlers/all pros.. if your scheme requires 9 probowlers its not a great scheme..we should be able to make do with 6 I would think.... and I think our scheme is sound so we will stiffen up!

  • bad INT.....

  • he threw it 4?5? yards behind Lockett..

  • Griffin doubtful to return..concussion.... the hits just keep on coming.

    TIme for the vaunted D line to step up. That's where the majority of our talent on D is right now.

  • Falcons own all the high pointers.

  • Thank you Russ! Good play call Bevell.

  • Hmm. Fake FG with 7 seconds left... hard to say what I think because its obviously with hindsight... but.. it seems a bit odd.. Take the FG and then next half we have the ball first down by 4, in pretty good shape.

  • Fire our special teams coach.

    Fake FG gets you a first down with 4 seconds left after your TO... so you kick the FG anyway.

    Holding on the final punt return pushes Seattle to the 25 instead of the 35.

    Makes it a 42 yard FG attempt instead of a 52 one that Walsh doesn't have a leg for (clearly).

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