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2 straight Sundays of no Seahawks..

  • How are you spending your Sunday this week? Watching other games? Or catching up with family/friends?

    I actually got to sleep last night.. early games start at 3am for me but I decided not to watch! For once my Monday wont be a right off!

  • I actually watched very little football. Nice to have a relaxing Sunday.

    Was going to do some errands but ended up relaxing.


  • Took Tulip and Nina out to the pit to let off a couple rounds. Made it back home in time to catch the 2nd half of Cowboys/Falcons and then went out to catch the late game at a bar with my lil homie Armando as we are wont to do.

    I don't mind Seahawksless Sundays. Stress free football is pretty enjoyable.

  • I get comfy on the couch, put on Redzone and watch football stress free and commercial free for 7 straight hours. Glorious.

    God Bless Redzone.

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