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Why this place is cool.

  • On the other two boards I watch there is so much doom & gloom, hand wringing, etc., it's almost impossible to read or respond. But here folks aren't crying and whining. Instead we're talking about how can we/Hawks improve the situation. Cool.

  • Never seen a real point in being pessimistic. 🍻

  • We are still but hopeful we can grow. Ok glad you appreciate our little corner of positivity or st least constructivrness. I'm
    particularly glad because about a year ago when we first started toying with the idea of creating a website to go with out podcast one of the things I was really focused on was creating a place that sort of mirrored Seahawk philosophy. We don't feel compelled to pander to a bunch of mindless negativity. We want to talk football and Seahawks, and even bad news can be discussed with an even keel.

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