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Rian Johnson to create all new Star Wars Trilogy

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    I have no clue what it'll be and I know there's fear of over-saturation but with the two Star Wars movies released so far I am very hopeful.

    It probably doesn't help that I've been obsessed with this Star Wars game to help feed my addiction.

  • Initial thoughts, I hope this points to two particular things:

    1. Johnson knocked The Last Jedi out of the park.

    2. Johnson had an original idea for another trilogy, pitched it to Lucasfilm and they loved it (as opposed to them deciding they wanted to develop a new trilogy and just hiring Johnson to figure it all out).

  • My one worry is not that they are over saturating it's that they don't realize most people are casual fans and are confusing them. People know I'm a big fan and so I had a lot of people asking me about the order... they don't "get" when one movie isn't a sequel to the movie before it so they need to do a better job of sub-branding. They got rid of "anthology".. I suspect honestly because that word is too big for modern America but they should have kept it and emphasized it.

    The new trilogy is very welcome, now they need a clever copy writer and PR campaign to keep it clear in people's minds.

  • My main concern is that they're gonna force a story rather than telling one that's ready to be told. To me there's a big difference between having great story to tell and deciding to tell a story and hiring somebody to come up with it. Just artistically speaking. Like a painter just painting what he/she feels as opposed to being told what to paint.

  • Thats a real legit concern. But if youre just saying its a Force-containing, fantasy tech galaxy..with some common themes but nothing else.. then .. there should be plenty of room. And if you want to look at a bunch of fairy tales from multiple cultures to keep that original inspiration.. it seems there should be plenty of space to grow and organically come up with ideas.

  • What do you guys think they'll do with this? I see a lot of clamoring for an Old Republic era story, but I'm not so sure that's what I'd like to see.

    I don't want to see them go too futury/sci-fi with it, or too action packed, I don't just want a bunch of kids, we don't need another Hunger Games or Divergent or Maze Runner type series. I want grit and realism. I want adults as main characters. I want interesting settings; planets, aliens, etc. I want some battles but I don't want mostly battles. I want excitement, I want charm, I want high stakes, and I want a good balance between dark and light.

    That said, I have no idea what I want haha. I'm just not sure I want Old Republic.

    Any ideas?

  • If it's a different corner of the galaxy then the time frame could be the same. I doubt it wiil be Old Republic.

    What defines the Star Wars universe? The Force. Cool, not practical fake science. An odd mix of hi-lo tech. Very clear good vs bad with a healthy dose of in-betweeners.

    So.. what could you do with that? My mind goes to a situation where there is a government of types that controls the "good guy" area.. it's under internal and external pressure but not quite in civil or foreign war.. but both are close. In this society Force sensitives are feared and outlawed ... but all the while it is a secret society of Force sensitives that are protecting that society the persecutes them.

    I think that background would have potential for all kinds of classic type and mundane type story lines.

    One idea.

  • So, this isn't new news; the thoughts have been out there for a while, but it's recently gotten new life. And it's not necessarily related to the new trilogy but I didn't want to start a new thread for it so I figured I'd just put it here.

    First, let me say I think it's a great idea. Although I don't think "young" Luke is the way to go. I don't see how that would work or that there's even really a compelling story there. I'm thinking more of a post-ROTJ/pre-TFA story explaining some of what happened to him during that time period. Could get tricky because you'd definitely feel like there'd have to be some Han/Leia in there. But I think it could be separated enough: Luke revisits Dagobah or goes searching after his father's origins - just spit balling here, but it could be something like that. Quest to discover the true nature of the Force, light vs dark, etc.

    I for one would love to see it and just based on what they've done so far and the idea that Sebastian is already halfway in there with his comments and his ties to Disney/Marvel, I wouldn't be surprised at all to see them do this in some form.

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    Still not sure why they're running with the "young" thing but this artist's rendering of Stan as Skywalker is pretty cool.

    I guess if they're thinking about telling what happened to Luke between empire Empire and Jedi then it makes sense. I still think if it happens it should be post-ROTJ.

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    No wig:

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  • I think I'm getting disproportionately excited at the idea of a movie that may well never exist. But I really like the idea of exploring Luke further. There's a lot of time there. Of course, we might get a lot of those gaps filled in 8 & 9. Remains to be seen.


    Speaking to Mashable, Johnson quickly dispelled any hopes for his movies to be set during this period. “Oh, they love Knights of the Old Republic…I played that game when it first came out and it was like, god, I loved it. Yeah, that’s a fantastic game. And I understand it, the instinct to automatically go to something that you know and love, that you’ve already seen.”

    But, nope, this will not be the case. “To me,” he says, “what’s really fun is the notion of what new stuff are we gonna see, what new stories can we tell?”

  • Yea...I never bought that they would be Old Republic stories.

    I think smaller scale stories, showing a different corner of this galaxy set ..say 50 years before the Prequels..

    I picture a galaxy mostly at peace, which also has consequences.

    A trading system is out there.. the Republic has cut and cut and cut the defense budget so mostly the system has to defend itself. Which it does, with a rusted out old Space Carrier, mercenary pilots of questionable skill and debatable loyalty. But of late..something is out there.. an occasional ship has just completely disappeared..

    Most blame the large amount of asteroids in the system, but a few pilots on the Carrier disagree.

    So then we tell a story about this small crew of rag tag pilots trying to call wolf and no one believes them.. We have incidents and accidents that emphasize how poorly funded these guys are.

    Then the inevitable happens..a ship is taken down by An ENEMY...but manages to get off a distress call or there is a survivor.

    Before they know it, the carrier is facing a full on invasion. At the end of the first movie, at a terrible price the rag tag merc pilots save the system from this utterly foreign invasion.

    extra little elements: one pilot is a disgraced jedi or jedi washout, we realize very late the captain of the force is the father or that jedi washout pilot (so inevitably he saves him at the end or sacrifices himself for him), the carrier is based on a giant space station that is a massive trade (and smuggling hub).

    In the sequel the invaders are invading a whole section of the galaxy from OUTSIDE the galaxy..the surviving crew and characters we know are summoned as they have the experience to deal with is. They have to work with some jedi...but the disgraced jedi struggles with it. obviously at the conclusion of the second movie the good guys score a victory by the jedi and the disgraced jedi overcoming their differences. They win a Pyrrhic Victory , losing their fleet while also finding that on the alien mother ships, the Force does not exist...

    Then the third movie.. wherein our heroes win but I haven't worked out what Id like to see in it.

    So..there is my new trilogy.

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