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Defeat the Curse Podcast invited us to talk about the Redskins game

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    The fine gentlemen from the Defeat the Curse Podcast invited us to join them as they preview the Seahawks & Redskins game.

    @sammyc521 joined them and talked about the upcoming match-up.

    We'll forward the link when it's online.

  • The DTC podcast is live:

    FP, LP, and Joe try to find something (anything) to feel positive about as the Redskins travel to Seattle to face the Seahawks on Sunday in yet another late afternoon game. The trade deadline in the NFL came and passed and the Redskins failed to secure help at running back, wide receivers, or offensive line so can we really expect to travel cross country and win? Joe tries to explain how these two teams are shockingly similar in strengths and weaknesses, while LP justifies that the defense is good enough to win and... well... FP just disagrees with everything and is becoming very bitter. Sam from HawksCast and Seahawks Fantable joins the boys (23:01) for some crosstalk and shares his thoughts on this odd rivalry and what to expect on Sunday from Seattle. Listen, like, share and repeat! Hail to the Redskins!

  • Really good discussion with these guys. It's interesting to get a viewpoint of an opposing team, especially one that's on the otherside of the country that you don't face too often based on schedule.

    They asked if Seattle fans even think about their team and I told them "yes."

    There's a lot of big events that have come when Seattle faces Washington and that's highlighted in our playoffs.

    2005 - first playoff win since the 80's.
    2012 - first road win since the 80's (failed to mention that one to them)

    It's easy to see how teams can get tunnel vision and it was great to get these questions about our Seahawks.

    Please take a listen to their DTC podcast, they are very cool guys and love their team.

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