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Jeremy Lane..

  • So.. he knows they wanted to trade him. How will this shake out? Desean Shead is also in the pipeline.

    I only heard the beginning of Carroll's pressed, he didn't want to say yet who would be cut or possibly IR'ed to keep Lane.

  • But if Lane failed his physical, how can we play him?

  • Lane failing his physical just means that it wasn't up to their standard of what they want their players to be at.

    Doesn't means he's damaged good; just not in the condition they want.

    "Pre-owned" vs. "Fancy Sticker Pre-owned"

  • Well, what it means is the Texans knew we wouldnt cancel the trade if they decided they didnt want Lane so they decided to go after more picks.

  • It's gotta be tough for somebody like Jeremy Lane to live with the idea that he's not worth as much as a potential, yet-to-be-named, could-be-anybody, crap-shoot, probably late 3rd round draft pick next year.

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