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Week 9 'Hawks (5-2) vs. Washington Redskins (3-4)

  • Seahawks face the 3-4 other Washington NFL team who have lost almost all their starters on offense. They rate in the middle of the pack on offense/defense.

    What kind of team will the Seahawks put up with the acquisition of Brown but the potential loss of Thomas?

  • I saw their coach saying "well we have 13 pretty hurt people but only 7 inactive spots..."..

    Looking forward to seeing what the line looks like.

    Interested to see what Cousins will be like.. I disagree with some.. I think he is s franchises quarterback but I think he is sort of the minimum you can be to be that. Does that make sense? Not all franchise QBs are the same and he is the minimum level you need to be. You can be successful with him but you better have a lot of other good pieces.

    They don't at the moment.

  • Best analogy for Cousins and why he will get paid.

    When you're at the airport waiting and you want to drink a beer you pay a really high price. Not because the beer is worth that, but because based upon your needs and your limited choices, you pay that high price.

    In a vacuum, Cousins will get paid a lot not because he's good/bad but because he's a starter in this league. That alone gives him a greater leg-up than anyone on the market.

  • The DTC podcast is live:

    FP, LP, and Joe try to find something (anything) to feel positive about as the Redskins travel to Seattle to face the Seahawks on Sunday in yet another late afternoon game. The trade deadline in the NFL came and passed and the Redskins failed to secure help at running back, wide receivers, or offensive line so can we really expect to travel cross country and win? Joe tries to explain how these two teams are shockingly similar in strengths and weaknesses, while LP justifies that the defense is good enough to win and... well... FP just disagrees with everything and is becoming very bitter. Sam from HawksCast and Seahawks Fantable joins the boys (23:01) for some crosstalk and shares his thoughts on this odd rivalry and what to expect on Sunday from Seattle. Listen, like, share and repeat! Hail to the Redskins!

    Really good discussion with these guys. It's interesting to get a viewpoint of an opposing team, especially one that's on the otherside of the country that you don't face too often based on schedule.

    They asked if Seattle fans even think about their team and I told them "yes."

    There's a lot of big events that have come when Seattle faces Washington and that's highlighted in our playoffs.

    2005 - first playoff win since the 80's.
    2012 - first road win since the 80's (failed to mention that one to them)

    It's easy to see how teams can get tunnel vision and it was great to get these questions about our Seahawks.

    Please take a listen to their DTC podcast, they are very cool guys and love their team.

  • alt text

    Washington Injury Report:


    • G Shawn Lauvao
    • DL Matt Ioannidis
    • TE Jordan Reed
    • TE Niles Paul


    • OT Trent Williams
    • C Spencer Long


    • WR Jamison Crowder
    • G Brandon Scherff
    • CB Bashaud Breeland
    • RB Rob Kelley
    • S Montae Nicholson
    • LB Martell Spaight

  • Wow, if Trent Williams is out it might really help our pass rush. IMHO: A big deal.

  • What up bitches.

    Cousins is basically Matt Hasselbeck 2.0, which is a big reason why I wanted to draft him back in the day, but I dont think he has the tools to do what Hass did. He's no threat. Even with Earl putting his feet up I think the defense feasts.

  • Hey, Beaverboy! Good to see ya.

  • @canhawk said in Week 9 'Hawks (5-2) vs. Washington Redskins (3-4):

    What up bitches.

    Cousins is basically Matt Hasselbeck 2.0, which is a big reason why I wanted to draft him back in the day, but I dont think he has the tools to do what Hass did. He's no threat. Even with Earl putting his feet up I think the defense feasts.

    Cousins may get to Hasselbeck levels, but now with their current coaching staff. It took more than 2 years for Hasselbeck to excel under Holmgren but that was stunted due to the back-and-forth with him and Dilfer startin.

    Welcome to the fold @Canhawk .

  • @sammyc521 sorry, I should have said Cousins has a ceiling of Hasselbeck 2.0. I dont think he has the support to get there quite yet.

    Oh btw, Zeb said there'd be punch and pie...

  • I think it's a fair comp; but I don't think he has the support around him to get there.

    For @Canhawk If it's not to your liking, blame @Zeb-Stark

    alt text

  • How disappointing... not only were the conditions at the game terrible due to snow in November, but the game plan was as well.

    Stop trying to run the ball... you're not good at it Seattle.

  • Wow! Awful game. This team is not very good and we still cant play great D without Earl. Sickening to say the least.

  • I wish it were simple that this team is mediocre but I don't believe that to be true.

    At the end of the game they stopped caring about being balanced and making sure they weren't predictable. They put the ball in Wilson's hands and drove down the field twice on the three last possessions thinking they scored the game winner.

    The D played great but they were undone stuck having to play perfect football to win. Hard to overcome 10+ offensive penalties.

  • I thought the defense played mostly real well... I can't help think the last drive by Washington, though, wouldn't have happened had Earl been there.

    We are going to deeply regret this loss...

  • There were so many mistakes, so much blame to go around, that IMHO, it's difficult to blame just one player, O or D, or coaching. Oh, well, shit happens.

    Meanwhile, we're still in control of our own future, so....on to the Cards...Go 'Hawks!!

  • alt text

    Had Baldwin gone down at the 1-yard line instead of scoring:

    The TD put Seattle in excellent position to win the game -- even with the failed two-point try the Seahawks' win probability was a sterling 88.2 percent. As it happened, the Redskins rallied when Kirk Cousins led them on a four-play, 70-yard touchdown drive in just 35 seconds, handing Seattle a 17-14 loss.
    Taking a knee rather than scoring the touchdown would have virtually assured Seattle victory rather than giving the Redskins an 11 or 12 percent chance to prevail. Instead, the door was left open for Washington to rally and cost the Seahawks a much-needed win that would have pulled them even with the NFC West-leading Rams.

    The logic is that by going down at the 1-yard line, the clock starts winding down at 1:33

    • 1st-Down at the Wash-1 1:33; Take a knee (Force Wash to take a Time Out)
    • 2nd-Down at the Wash-3 1:30 Take a knee (Force Wash to take a Time Out)
    • 3rd-Down at the Wash-5 1:27 Take a knee (Run 40-seconds off the clock)
    • 4th-Down at the Wash-7 0:47 Kick a FG to go ahead 11-10 with 40-ish seconds on the clock.

    If Washing doesn't take any timeouts, then you have 0:53 on 2nd down and then you kick the FG with 20-ish seconds on the clock on 3rd.

    With all that said... it's nearly impossible to not score when given the chance like that. Also, you would expect the defense to stop Cousins from driving down the field 70-yards with 1:30 on the clock even with 2 Timeouts.

  • That had to be one of the stupidest ideas I've ever heard. Think about it...Baldwin is running as fast as he can towards the end zone; he stops and says to himself, 'Hmmmm....maybe I should stop and let the team run out the clock and then kick a field goal and win the game!

    Are you kidding me? How does Baldwin get to that spot if he wasn't running full-out? And then he stops on a dime to let our 'never miss' Kicker win the game for us? LOL!

    Could you imagine the uproar if he'd actually done that?

  • I think it's kind of a silly premise based on how well the defense played through the game for the first 58:30 minutes.

    That being said (I don't agree with it) but it's really easy to say in hind-sight. It's pretty rare for a team to score a TD in the final minutes to get the other team to do the same.

    I don't think it's silly; I think it's nearly impossible for a player to be that aware and to have them stop themselves from scoring.

    I think they went for the 2-point conversion (which was meaningless - especially since they didn't score the previous attempt) to protect Walsh from kicking a meaningless PAT. He kicks and makes that... congratulations - you were suppose to make it. He misses it; we lose his confidence for the year when it would have no impact on the game.

    Washington needed a TD and they got it against our defense.

  • I didn't mean you Sammy, it was the whole premise that's ridiculous to me.

    I agree the 2 point try was a bad move; plus didn't we lose our last timeout on it? How valuable would 1 more TO have been? Like I said, bads on the O, D, ST, and coaches. Lots of blame to go around.

  • alt text

    Trying to find something else to fill the void that was left by this loss...

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