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Wilson restructures his contract for Brown

  • So far two of Seattle biggest players on Offense have restructured their contracts to help bring in players.

    Doug did it so Sheldon Richardson could be brought in.

    Russ does it now for Duane Brown.

    The Tacoma News Tribune writes:

    Russell Wilson, will you move some money around so we can get you a three-time Pro Bowl left tackle to more safely protect your $88 million blind side?
    Not yes but “Oh, hell yes!”
    That is a fair estimation of how the Seahawks’ conversation may have gone with their franchise quarterback, to request he help fit about-to-be-acquired Duane Brown under the team’s salary cap.
    A league source with knowledge of the deal told The News Tribune Tuesday morning Wilson has agreed to turn $6.26 million of base salary into a bonus prorated over the final three years of the four-year, $87.6 million extension he signed before the 2015 season.

  • Well, it's a no brained. "Do you want more of your money upfront-- which also would make it more difficult to cut you if your skills suddenly diminished?"

    Potentially the more interesting angle is that Russell was the one who sort of lobbied hard for the deal.

  • It also normally back-weights the contract more which means players are more likely to be cut.

    The past Seahawks to have done this are Walter Jones, Wilson and Baldwin.

    Mebane was asked to restructure and he said no.

    I can't recall anyone else doing that.

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