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Events leading to us getting Duane Brown

  • So.. we have worried about left tackle since Fant went down. Obviously the trade deadline was one of the biggest factors in the timing.. what were the others?

    Brown was a leader dealing with the issue with the owner.. was that a factor do you think?

    For me, it was probably a big factor. I think the owner was just saying "get what you can" with everything else behind it.. they obviously wanted Graham first and when they couldnt get him just took our picks and Lane.

  • Awesome thing is that even by trading a 2019 2nd rounder; Brown will be a FA (if not extended as @volsunghawk said) in 2018; so I see it as a big win for our FO. We got a starting LT (which is incredibly hard to find/develop) for the next two year and potentially more before Houston will ever be able to reap the full benefits of the pick.

    I think that Brown and McNair made the decision that they weren't going to be happy with each other and the Texans tried to get what they could with only the Seahawks looking to trade.

    Many players will take whatever jobs they can get but once you're in high profile position and a top-10 player at that position, you can start to make demands of your ownership (if ever so slightly).

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