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how is the main story from yesterday...

  • Watson?

    All national media Im watching and reading says Watson was the revelation and the real winner, blahblahblah.

    He is LEGIT as F.. but.. how is the real story?

    Yesterday DESTROYED the Tier 2 theory of Wilson!! He didnt win because of the defense. He didnt win because of the running game. He carried the Running Backs, he over came some bad defensive plays. And he won. 4 tds. 1 interception. Never lost him positive attitude.

    Watson is going to be great. Next Gen Super Bowls could be Wilson vs. Watson..WvW..... But he hurt his team with a pick 6, and with 2 other INTs. He wasnt good from the pocket. Its great he slides but he sometimes slides too early. He made some rookie mistakes.

    Wilson had the better game and won the game..

    but man it seems everyone just wants to talk about Watson.

  • Because they can double-dip the Houston angle by talking about the Astros and Texans.

    Honestly, Watson played great and was OUTPLAYED by Wilson... but at the same time he is a rookie who didn't even win the job out of camp. This is a pretty big story.

    If Wilson started his rookie season this way, he would be commanding headlines as a rookie. Watson is basically playing a college scheme at the pro-level. Almost all his big players were off college-style play-action or play-action.

  • My guess is because Watson did it against the LOB in Seattle. Higher degree of difficulty.

  • On the road and set an NFL Record. It deserves to be mentioned that Watson played an amazing game. Would have loved to see him put those numbers up against a team like GB, Dallas or NE.

  • I too am thinking Watson gets the ink because he did it against us in our house. That aside, the kid looks like the real deal, no doubt about it.

    How our defense looked so bad against basically two receivers is a bit confusing to me. I think their play calling was terrific. No bash on Bevell, though. He did a pretty good job yesterday too...not perfect, but pretty good.

  • @lymon A lot of what Watson/Texans were able to do was move our DBs off their spot. Lot of long crossing routes with multiple play-action fakes to move Thomas and Sherman.

    If that were any other Defense, Texans would have put up 60 points with how good they were. On one play, Sherman played the coverage great but then Watson threw behind both his WR and the DB; WR makes a great play when Sherman is playing absolutely great coverage. This was not a come-back throw, it was a go-route and Watson gets bailed out by his WR. Credit his WRs for making the adjustments.


    That was one of Watson's flaws; he makes mistakes but he's not getting burned by them. Seahawks got 3 INTs off of him.

  • That was one play, but Sherman missed a lot of them yesterday. Some days you eat the bear.....and some days...

  • I'll have to rewatch and see what I can but the only times that I saw our DBs absolutely destroyed were on the scramble drills.

    It's like what opposing fans have to deal with when Wilson is on-fire. 🔥

    Credit their WRs for playing great. I think if Seattle plays any other QB, they get eaten up and if Houston plays another defense, they score 70+.

  • That was an incredible game and my 14 year old first game too. Cowherd did a segment yesterday on how underrated Wilson is. Said he's a lock hall of famer.

  • Saw the Cowherd segment, Sammy sent it to me. We should try to get that posted here somewhere.

    I was just frustrated because watching or reading some accounts Watson outplayed Russ, and thats not what happened.

    Looking forward to watching Watson (especially since hes my FF QB) but man I want people who called Russ Tier 2 , and that was a thing this past off season especially, to finally recognize what Russ is.

  • Youtube Video

    Cowherd has been stumping for Wilson for a long time and games like this prove him very right.

    From a national perspective, only games like this really get their attention. A 6-year QB can blowout every now and then but sometimes it's about the moment.

    Russ: I didn't bail anyone out, we just played our game.

    Sherman: Russ bailed us (the defense) out.

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