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Triple B Day 7/16

  • Heading out to Happy Valley to check out this Star Wars Store that has apparently existed for a while but somehow illuded me till just recently. Then going to see Spider-Man finally. And getting some pizza at Pieology, even though it's a chain, it's a convenient location for the rest of the day's activities. Kind of wish we were seeing Apes instead but it'll have to wait. New episode is out tomorrow. Pray it goes well.

  • Can't wait for that new Triple B.

  • Well, here's what we came up with:

  • @sammyc521 said in Triple B Day 7/16:

    Can't wait for that new Triple B.

    Slamming Spider-man... I take it all back.

  • Haha to be clear, I think Tom Holland was great as Peter/Spider-Man. I like the direction they went with the character, avoiding the origin story and having him be like a real high school kid. There were a few genuine laugh out loud moments for me. I liked Ned. I liked the new MJ, she was funny and refreshing in her few moments. I thought Michael Keaton was good. The plot twist with him ending up being you know who's you know what was a pretty good "oh shit" moment.

    I just would have liked a stronger story and I would have liked to have seen Spider-Man develop more from the new kid to a super hero. I'll admit I'm not a huge Spider-Man fan in general and I'm not very familiar with the comics. I just would have liked them to get over the whole "hero who does more bad than good" thing a little earlier. I wanted to feel like Spider-Man was gonna grow up before our eyes, but instead I found myself hoping for Tony Stark to swoop in and save the day.

    I don't have any real fundamental disagreements with it, and I'm sure we'll see that development I'm looking for in the next film (at least I hope so), I just don't think it was a very entertaining/interesting movie overall. It wasn't a strong film. It just didn't do enough for me. The development of the supporting characters felt forced & shoehorned (Aunt May and Aaron Davis particularly). I guess the stakes just weren't high enough. It felt like a side story or something for an animated series when I think they could have done something bigger and more epic. That's all. It just doesn't stand up to the other films in the MCU in my opinion.

  • They have already said that Michelle/MJ is not Mary Jane. They are just trolling fans essentially, much like the Captain America clip at the end.

    I also loved that throw-a-way line by the PE Teacher (Hanibal Burress) who said that Captain America is now a terrorist or something.

    The sense of Iron Man coming in to save the day was exactly how I felt in The Force Awakens where I was hoping for Luke to come and save Rey and Finn.

    One of the things about Spider-Man comics is that it's rarely big-world; it's usually something that takes place in Queens and Manhattan. That is what Spider-Man is about and I felt it was truer to the comics. Like him stuck in the burbs unable to web-sling around is perfect.

    I totally get the Spider-Man fatigue; like how Hulk works in Avengers and as a side character in Thor but not on his own.

  • I don't have Spider-Man fatigue though. That's not what it is here. I just genuinely didn't think the movie was very well done.

    As far as the TFA comparison, it's an interesting point you bring up, but it's actually the opposite for me. I wanted Luke to show up and save the day because I thought that would be a great thing to happen. I didn't want Rey to be able to save the day because it's more believable that she doesn't know how to use her powers (in fact, one of my qualms with TFA was her being able to use her powers too well already, but that's an argument for a different day. For me, it works there where it didn't here).

    Here, I didn't want Stark to have to save the day, I wanted Peter to find it in himself. He already fought with the avengers, we know he understands his powers and knows how to use them. And really in the end he did ultimately succeed on his own, but it was only really by doing the same thing he did for the whole movie, disobeying Stark's orders and confronting the bird guy. And even then, there was just as much damage done as there was saving.

    Anyway, whatever. Those are just a few of the reasons why I didn't find this movie as entertaining or as strong as the other MCU films. I don't expect you or anybody else to feel the same way.

  • To me, this movie was like settling for a field goal instead of getting the touchdown. It's not bad, it's still points on the board, but it's not a TD. That's all.

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