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NFL Ratings are done but fare better than the 4 Network Stations

  • Many fans are pointing to the NFLs ratings being down; though rating have not been readily published since Trump has attacked the players for kneeling in protest during the anthem they have seen a 4% dip.

    CNN Reports:

    Through week seven, the NFL is down 5% overall from the same point last year. That's a troubling drop for the biggest ratings powerhouse on TV, but it seems less dire when you consider that the four major networks are down an average 8% in prime time.
    NBC is down 4%, CBS is down 6%, ABC is down 11%, and Fox's prime time viewership dropped 20% through the first month of the new TV season, according to Nielsen data. And those numbers are down despite the inclusion of live sporting events, which usually bring in big audiences.

    So anti-kneeling advocates would be correct in stating that the NFL is suffering but so is the rest of Primetime TV.

    When's the last anyone's watched a TV in real-time that wasn't a sporting event?

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    That doesn't help their case. At all.

    As you point out the only way to get an unspoiled NFL experience is to watch it while it's live.. so even while ratings fall for other shows that I can watch anytime, you'd expect NFL games to hold steady. The fact they are sliding at all is more damning than a normal show having sliding ratings.

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    But haven't NFL ratings been slipping for a while? Fox's CEO believes it's because the market is over saturated. Could be?

  • When your TV ratings dominate all sports; regardless of what game - there's going to be some falloff. We're not talking double-digit losses like ABC or FOX.

    The idea that the NFL is immune to TV fallout or that it's the direct response to one things (Protests, game quality, parity, etc.) is silly.

    You can watch sports on a delay but you have to make a very conscious effort; ask any Dad that's watching their kids and they'll tell you it can be done.

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    I for sure believe in the over saturation / non-rare element. When Thursday night was rare I watched all the time.. now.. depends.

    I also can't commit to watching three rounds of games on Sunday..

    When football was just Sunday and one game Monday I'd watch it all because that was my "chance".. now it just feels like its always on...

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