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NFL Distractions

  • Cam Newton and Press Conferences from Cat Scratch Reader:

    On the field, Cam Newton is a winner, hands down.
    But put Cam behind a microphone, and he’s probably the worst performing quarterback in the NFL.
    Whether we like it or not as Panthers fans, Cam repeatedly puts himself in positions to further the narrative that he’s immature, pouty, and a front-runner.

    Martavis Bryant has been ruled "out" due to his comments on Social Media:

    Martavis Bryant said he's not playing Sunday. Asked why? 'Social media," he said.

    Marshawn Lynch had his suspension upheld and took it out on high school kids:

    Marshawn Lynch has a little time off thanks to his Week 8 suspension, but he still wanted to play football — so he found a solution. Lynch went to practice with Oakland Technical High School Wednesday night, and it went about as you’d expect.
    This wasn’t just any high school, but the school Lynch attended. He arrived wearing his full Raiders gear and gave players a chance to try and tackle an NFL superstar. Sure, it might have taken six of them, but they did get him down.

    Where-as Doug Baldwin has already apologized to Tom Cable after pushing in their last game and hugged him during Cable Press Conference:

    alt text

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