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Week 8 'Hawks (4-2) vs. Houston Texans (3-3)

  • The #1 Scoring Offense (since Watson became the starter) comes to visit the #1 Scoring Defense (Tied with JAX) this Sunday.

    Going to be a great test for the Seahawks and will help determine who has the best chance to rise to their top of their respective divisions.

  • Youtube Video

    Good preview on what will be the marquee match-up; Watson vs. the Seahawks Secondary.

    I don't see Watson abusing the Seahawks like he has against other teams.

    Both give nods to the Seahawks and slowing down this rookie.

  • I'm not afraid of Houston. We take'm. Our defense will show the kid some new wrinkles (I just found three new ones on me!), how he handles them will tell the story. Has he faced a defensive backfield as good as ours? I doubt it.

    Of course, keeping their defense on the field would help also. Yes, you can call me Mr. Obvious! 😉

  • So... the Texan's owner said in an NFL Player-Owner meeting:

    ESPN Story - Bob McNair says:

    We can’t have the inmates running the prison.

    Regardless of the fact that original saying is "We can't let the inmates run the asylum," is the fact that the inability to see the situation for what it is; players demonstrating for equality and your first thoughts as an owner are to equate your players to inmates at a prison/asylum?

    The fallout is DeAndre Hopkins took a personal day:

    #Texans coach Bill O’Brien describes WR DeAndre Hopkins as taking a “personal day,” explaining why he wasn’t at practice today

    But it would been guessed that it was a direct response to his owner's statement:

    Texans WR DeAndre Hopkins’ absence from practice today was related to Bob McNair’s comments, per source.

    And Texans practice was delayed as there was nearly a walk-out:

    Texans players wanted to walkout today in response to owner Bob McNair’s comments, per @sarahbarshop. Had to be persuaded to stay.

    McNair has issued the standard: "I'm sorry if you're offended.":

    alt text

    Gee Scott from 710 ESPN states this is the opposite feel in Seattle:

    The Seahawks are so ahead with all of this. How do I know? Because I talk to players everyday about how much they appreciate it.

    There's now also speculation that Hopkins may not travel with the team for the game this Sunday... that would really hurt the Over/Under that @Zeb-Stark, @Veda-the-Moor and I predicted.

  • I always thought the expression was, 'You can't have inmates running the asylum.' No? Using prison instead of asylum was a major faux pas....actually the entire episode is a major faux pas...IMHO.

  • Youtube Video

    Words can't express how crazy this game is.

    Two great "redemptions"

    • Earl Thomas gets beat on a deep TD > Next drive goes for a Seahawks pick-6
    • Russell throws a late INT that could seal a loss > Defense stops them on 3rd down and he drives down the field for a TD

  • Insane game to be at. Crowd seemed more into it and louder than any recent game I'd been to. Sat next to 4 Australian guys attending their first NFL game. They were floored by how loud the stadium was and how great the stadium was.

    So impressed with Paul Richardson's development and what he produces when given the chance. Could have had a three TD day there.

    The line continues to struggle block for the run but for the pass try were actually pretty good I though.

    Have you ever seen an offense challenge a call hoping that an incomplete pass gets ruled a fumble? Hilarious.

    After I watch the replay I will have more to say!

  • Ive watched it twice.

    Man, the pass protection wasnt as good as it seemed from the stands. Only 2 sacks but Clowney was mostly having his own way. Mostly because he was GASSED the last two times we had the ball. They would have been better off subbing him because he was at 10%..he wasnt rushing any more.

    What a day for P Rich..and I get the feeling it wasnt a random good day for a WR3 type in fantasy. I think hes turned the corner and this is just what he is going to be.

    Is there a point for Lacy to be on the team any longer? He doesnt run between the tackles well, not with our blocking. He cant block well. He cant pop it outside obviously. If Prosise's bruised self esteem ever heals I think Lacy has to be inactive if hes not cut.

    Youre killing me Rawls. He runs really , really hard. And really ineffectively. Again, obviously partly its the line, but its sort of weird to watch Rawls put so much effort into a 2 yard run but still go down relatively easily. And if he cant catch..and if the team admits to itself its going to have to be a pass first team, not sure he really has a place either.

    Tre Madden.. starting to see why they kept him. His blocking is slowly improving it seems, and when he gets a rare chance to do something more he tends to take advantage of it.

    Graham must have had an emotional roller coaster of a day.. from morning trade rumors , to being ignored the first half..then 2 4th quarter TDs? Wow.

  • On 710 during the Pete Carroll Show, he said that as soon as he heard about the "rumors" he ran to Jimmy Graham to tell him directly that he was not being traded.

    In regards to the Pass-Pro, I would have given them a B. The Run Blocking was a Z-grade; don't think they could have been worse. The biggest reason why the deep balls were flying was because of the Pass-Pro. Credit to Bevell , Cable and Wilson for taking those deep shots and winning so many times.

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