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    This article is sort of contrarian viewpoints. The first one is about Seattle beating the Eagles if it were the playoffs. Everyone is loving Eagles this year. That is very understandable to me. 6-1, maybe the new best TE in Football, and a good young quarterback.

    But the writer lays out why Seattle is still his favorite.

    The Eagles just lost their perennial all star left tackle while Seattle is getting players back and signing new players.

    I think I agree. In the playoffs, the Eagles wouldnt get past us!

  • Their match-up will be the biggest test. The fact that it's in Seattle should give the Seahawks a slight edge if you think they are both the top teams.

    It could decide the top seeds based on tie-breakers. Seahawks are 1.5 games behind the Eagles based on playing one less game (a win) and one more loss than them.

    Playing in the NFC East hurts the Eagles more than the Seahawks playing in the NFC West so far.

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