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Dion Jordan?

  • I read he is back in practices.

    Pete Carroll sounds excited. People say he "looks the part". Could he be another piece of the puzzle? Or just another off season intruiguing storyline that doesnt quite pan out?

  • This has been a roller coaster for me. When he signed I was into it.. Seattle could get more out of him! I thought..

    then..forever on the DL.. and actually I expected them to injury waive him and the next thing we would hear from him is when he saves a girl from drowning 12 years from now at a community pool and the local paper says "..who once played in the NFL...".

    But now.. Im getting curious again..

  • This is why I don't think the Seahawks are in panic-mode; they believe that Jordan can come in and help the team.

    Signing Freeney is more of a "why not" move than a "we need help" move.

  • For sure. Havent seen that take, but if anyone is seeing the Freeney signing as panic they are seriously mistaken. PC always wants pass rushers if there is a chance to get one. Once Avril went down and we came up short on sacks in the games after, they were likely to take a look around and see if there was a move to bolster things.

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