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Did Pocic do enough to get a shot at starting?

  • Seem like all the reports are that Logic played well when he signed in at Center for Britt and when he rotated with Glowinski at LG?

    I feel like our OLine is playing better. Russ has a pocket and he's not running for his life every play.

    What's missing is that their RBs don't have the vision, burst or patience to run with what's given.

  • The line is playing better but that doesn't mean, to me, it's now all on the RBs. The line has gone from a 3 to a 5.

    Pocic will probably get the start but split time still.

    Wish Brandon Albert would face reality that no one is going to pay more and bet on himself-- come in, and if the line gets better when he's in he will make himself some dollars next season.

  • Carson was running well with this line. Makes me think it's more on the RBs than the OL.

    Pass blocking vs. Run blocking is so different and it's odd that they would be improving in one aspect but seeing little growth in the other.

    No RB outside of Carson has shown any consistency with any OL arrangement.

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    Pocic was on 710AM Player Spotlight:

    Pocic also played about half a dozen snaps at center while starter Justin Britt was having his injured ankle evaluated in the first quarter. The fact that Pocic was able to go from starting at left guard to filling in at center to going back to left guard is part of the reason for the obvious excitement in Seattle’s coach.
    “Ethan’s a very special player now,” Carroll said. “For a rook to come in here and be able to play all across the board and do what we can do and hang in there and make calls and communicate well and play good solid football that’s a lot to ask of him. We’re not slowing down on it.
    “We’re going to continue to hold him responsible for all that stuff because he can do it.”
    As for Pocic, he joined “Danny, Dave and Moore” on Monday and said that last week wasn’t all that different for him as he prepared to get his largest dose of regular-season playing time.
    “I prepare every week like I’m going to play because you never know when your opportunity is going to be,” Pocic said. “I was just ready for whatever, really.”

    This was the most snaps that Pocic got all season long; at C and LG in the Giant game.

    According to Football Outsiders is that Pocic started and got 34 Snaps on the OL (45% of all Offensive Snaps), 6 on Special Teams (23% of all Special Team snaps).

    Glowinski ended up with 48 Snaps on OL (exclusively at LG) which means that some of these snaps Pocic was at Center when Glow didn't rotate with Britt injured.

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