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Russel Okung: An Open Letter to All NFL Players: Let’s Get Organized

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    Russell Okung from the Player's Tribune:

    Things have clearly gotten out of control. As a pragmatist, I will admit, I initially doubted the merits of Colin Kaepernick’s protest and questioned his strategy.
    I was wrong.
    There is now no doubt in my mind that what he did last season was a courageous, prophetic, self-sacrificial act that has captivated a nation and inspired a powerful movement.
    If I had his cellphone number, I would tell him that.
    As Kap’s message has now been distorted, co-opted and used to further divide us along the very racial lines he was highlighting, we as players have a responsibility to come together and respond collectively. But how can this happen practically?

    This is an interesting read not only because it's a player who admits that they didn't understand the need until the entire NFL was plunged into it but it's also a former Seahawks who was blasted for negotiating his own contract (I think he won in that regard based on the 2nd FA contract he got a year later).

    @Veda-the-Moor we've talked a lot about how the message is not clear and it allows for the core of the message to get distorted.

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    Good read, thank you for posting it.

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    Side note: it's a little weird that he talks about not having Kaep's cell phone. Wouldn't Okung be able to get that pretty easy? Call Ricardo Lockette and ask him. Ask your agent to ask his agent.

    Anyway, we will see how this goes. The other ironic thing about this is the players saying let's get organized. Umm. Shouldn't THAT set off some alarm bells? You're the players.. organized.. wait, don't we have an NFLPA? Why isn't it providing more leadership?

    I hope this leads to some positive steps though. As you said Sammy, we've talked
    ablit this a long time and protests without a simple, clear message and without a way to effectively get it across are ineffective.

    Trump has taken over the narrative so it's about patriotism. So you better find a way to counter that. My suggestion is either before the game or after the game or if you can squeeze it in right after the anthem.. get the players from both sides together and have them sing "My Country Tis of Thee" with an announcement they want to work toward an America that fulfills its ideals.

    One problem with the flag protests is that they are open ended and while in theory you might agree that is fitting, we have to deal with the real world and protests have to realize they are exercises in PR. Set achievable goals that are sympathetic.

    Hope Okung gets things rolling in that direction.

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