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Jerry Jones tells players to stand or they will get benched

  • This was the rumor before Trump provoked the NFL from August:

    alt text

    It's now been confirmed:

    Owner Jerry Jones made it clear after Sunday’s game that he and the organization would not tolerate any players “disrespecting the flag” during the anthem. He became the first owner to declare consequences for players who kneeled by benching them.
    Coach Jason Garrett said Irving and Moore would not face discipline for their actions because they happened after the anthem had been played.
    For the league, though, this is an issue that they hope to resolve during meetings next week.

    This is interesting because 36 of the 53 players on their roster are black. Everyone is staying that if Zeke, Dak and Dez took a knee, it would call apart for the Cowboys right away.

    I feel all the players will stand and no Cowboys player will dissent because they've been told as such by their owner. Like any private business, ownership controls how you get to act when presenting the company.

  • Would SO love to see Prescott, Elliott, and Bryant call his bluff.

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