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Thoughts on trading for Duane Brown

  • **I wrote this in the Joeckel knee scope" thread then realized it was a hi-jack attempt. Oops. Didn't want to delete it so made a thread with it. This is how I write when on pain medication. (I got shingles on my fricken face! But... thats possibly a topic for The Slag.)

    In regards to Brandon Albert or Duane Brown.... Hmmm. Albert would be cheaper but Brown, as I understand it, is experienced in the ZBS and has been to multiple Pro Bowls. He is also 32 years old I believe and we would have to trade for him then pay a salary commensurate with a Pro Bowl quality left tackle. Thats a hefty price for an aging LT. I have a couple takes on the possible move.

    Talking about the salary cap is swerving pretty far out of my lane but for the right deal, I do not believe the cap will be a deterrent to getting something done. Nor would we lose Jimmy Graham. Next season? Well.....

    This team is getting older and will be blown up sooner rather than later. Stars will be leaving the team at a decent drip here soon. We are currently witnessing Cliff Avril possibly departing for good and the next guy, Frank Clark, stepping up to replace him. The nucleus of the team, especially on defense will have a different set of players than what we have today. I believe Duane Brown would be here as long as the defensive core we currently have will be able to stay together. Giving a boost to this O-line is like wringing out a wash towel. An attempt to get every championship chance out of the current lineup as they can.

    Ok, now, what price are we comfortable paying the Texans? We have no 2nd rounder. 3rd most likely not enough. Players? Who would you want if you were trading your pro bowl left tackle? They just lost key defenders this past weekend. Can Sheldon Richardson take over Michael Bennett duties? I could see us moving from Bennett and Avril to Richardson and Clark. Marcus Smith seems to be re-inventing himself and we have Malik and Dion on the mend with potential to be contributors and possibly even significant contributors. It seems like a youth movement is on at the position. Whats left is to rip off the band-aid, move Bennett while he still may have value, and let the youngin's take over.

    I was just trying to make a case for moving a beloved player. Not really advocating getting rid of Bennett. I really get/got attached to Seahawk players and hate when they go. That said, improving this O-line while we have this historic defense, is in my opinion, paramount to the Seahawks bringing another championship to Seattle.

  • Good post, something to think about.

    A couple issues with the reasoning: the FO and coaches dont want 2 people to replace Avril and Bennett. They are of the opinion that you need 4, 5 pash rushers and one interior, disruptive guy. If and when Avril and Bennett go, they wont be replaced by Frank.. 2 more people will need to be found. Missing Avril last game showed up all over the place. Also, Marcus Smith has had 1 good game, 1 average game, and beyond that.. hard to say. I wouldnt say he is reinventing himself, rather we are a better fit but he still isnt producing as wed hope.

    Dion..well.. I dont think the Seahawks are really counting on anything from him.

    So..I guess what Im saying is ...I wouldnt trade any Defense for Brown, but I like the idea of getting him.

    So what would I give? The Texans arent really dealing from a position of strenght. I think I would offer Prosise and a draft pick if it were reasonable. I might offer Graham to be honest.

  • Oh I didn't mean to infer Clark to replace both guys. Clark is replacing Avril. In the last game, heck any game, Avril would be missed but Clark brought it. And just brought up the young guys because they are currently who we're subbing in at the position. Marcus is in the process - process - of re-inventing himself. It is an entirely new scene and he's been disruptive with the snaps he's been given. He's pointed in the right direction. I believe he just needs more time and reps to implement the coaching to show out and gain consistency.

    I think all I was saying is take everyone we have now and move them 1 space up in the far-fetched event of a Bennett trade. Him and Avril would most definitely be missed but Clark at Leo with Richardson doing the Bennett inside-outside thing would ease the pain. Plus Avril and Bennett are aging and Clark and Richardson are young. The young guys are more likely to get a new contract and stick around in my opinion.

    I'm on record with the belief that JG is more valuable as trade bait than the way the Hawks are using him. He just seems like a glorified Luke Willson. But I don't know if PC/JS feels that way. I mean, if they part ways with him now, they basically PAID HIM for the honor of teaching him how to block. I actually think he gets an extension and something may even be in the works during the season.

    Word in the recent past has been the Texans want a 1st for Brown. I don't think JS bites. Our 2nd is gone so our best deal could consist of a 3rd rounder and a player or 2. I really think they want defensive players right now. Front 7 types.

    I dunno. It is fun just spit-ballin' though. With the news Hawks have been interested in Brown for a while means they must have a plan on how to incorporate him under the cap. Hmmmm. Its fun just trying to figure out all the parts!

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