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Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi (Trailer released)

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    You could say I'm excited...

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  • yeah man I can't see myself watching that less than 20 times before the night is up. so much to soak in.

  • So Ive watched it mayebe 12 times now.. because.. work can wait.

    Just about everything looks amazing.. Kylo Ren's TIE is awesome, the healing strip that they are using on him (bacta strip?) is a cool idea, the coyote type animals escaping into the base (running from the Walkers I assume..?) look awesome.. Phasma and Finn battling it out will be fun to watch... Im curious about some of the ships.

    But.. should we talk about the ..Porgs?


    K, gotta go watch it again.... bye!

  • @veda-the-moor said in Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi (Trailer released):

    But.. should we talk about the ..Porgs?

    Don't care yet. Gonna wait until I see them in the movie before I judge them. Going to try and avoid the pre-judgement. My kids think they're cute.

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  • Yeah, see, here's the thing about Porgs... like Sammy said, it obviously remains to be seen how much screen time they get and what they do with it. They could be Gungans, totally, and that would suck... or they could be Ewoks or droids, in which case I think we'd all be mostly ok with them.... but the thing is, if you watch "trailer reaction" videos on YouTube, you'll see that literally everybody lights up with joy when they see the Porg. So if that holds true, and I imagine it will, get ready for a very Porgy Christmas.

  • In my best crooner voice:

    "Have yourself a very Porgy Christmas"...

    Thats all I got. Just got introduced to Porgs with this clip.

  • Sorry, I should have been more specific with my comments on the Porg.. ( Porg: Resistance (to cuteness) is Futile).

    I wasnt really addressing the cuteness thing. I dont hate the ewoks and wish everyone would get off their backs, man!

    My issue with the porg, other than I cant say "The Porg" without it sounding like "The Borg" in my head, is that the porg in the trailer looks CG. Well, I mean, it is cg. But I wish movies would stop using CG where it looks like CG. It takes me out of the movie faster than you can "Optimus Prime sucks".

    You cant do CG well enough that the eye doesnt notice.. CG things on screen must be half lit, or in shadows, in the background, whatever. Even in 2017 its very, very difficult to make a cg character that can stand the scrutiny of full lighting, middle of screen..

  • They're actually only kind of CG. They probably use CG to help with certain movements & facial expressions, or maybe there are certain scenes which rely more heavily on CG, wider shots and such, maybe.... but they are real physical puppets. I think the point stands though that you can tell it's not a real living creature. There's kind of no way around that, I don't think.

    alt text

    On the other hand, the crystaline foxes or whatever they're called, I thought looked fantastic in their quick little clip. Another practical effect aided by CG, I assume.

    alt text

  • It must be the CG on the face then that is bothering me..?

    The foxes though because they are crystalline you can do that way..inanimate or non organic is much easier..the foxes I agree are fantastic and when my cat passes away one day my next pet is one of THOSE.

  • Do Rey and Kylo switch sides potentially in this movie..?

  • Hmmmm. I dunno. Would Disney really turn one of their princesses bad? I'd say it's a long shot, but I'd respect the shit out of them if they let it happen.

  • That would make so an epic Episode IX.

    My guess is that right now everything is just a lot of careful editting; which I prefer to the "They showed the whole movie."

    That was my fear with Spider-Man and I was glad to see that wasn't the case. I hope that's what we see with this trailer but we'll find out in about 62 days.

  • 63 days, 5 hours, 30 seconds.

  • Not that anyone's counting...


  • 0_1507844778084_2017-10-12 14.44.35.png

  • Wait, is Phasma not on the poster?

    Nevermind, she's hidden behind the Han Solo countdown.

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