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Blade Runner

  • I just watched Blade Runner (Final Cut Edition) the other night and I am surprised that this movie was made in 1982.

    So many things you can see on how it influenced so many other sci-fi movies for the next 30 years.

    I also couldn't begin to fathom how Harrison Ford is a key star in the Sci-Fiction/Fantasy Genre for his movies (Star Wars, Indiana Jones & Blade Runner). While Blade Runner wasn't a franchise until its recently announced sequel, it has made a huge impact on what Science Fiction could be.

    I watched this movie with my wife and her mom (who had only remembered the Theatrical Cut). My wife was on her phone and then missed a lot of stuff. My mother-in-law gasped at the end when she saw the origami unicorn as Deckard and Rachel make their escape; fade to black.

    If you aren't aware, there's a big difference in the original Theatrical Cut and Ridley Scott's Final Cut (the Director's cut is more an Editor's Cut as Scott did not have final say). The original movie had a voiceover that would explain a lot of this movie's history.

    • Cityspeak (future language)
    • Character background as each one gets introduced
    • Inner monologue

    The twist on the original movie is not present in the Theatrical Cut and that's what made my mother-in-law gasp. My wife didn't get it because she wasn't paying attention earlier in the film when Gaff's character (James Edward Olmos) and the significance of the figure's he'd make.

    Looking forward to the new Blade Runner 2049; haven't read reviews on it yet but all the titles of the reviews are positive.

  • Still have never watched the whole original movie all the way through. Maybe I'll have to give the final cut edition a try.

    Either way, looking forward to seeing the new one. All the previews look great.

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