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Richard Sherman: Fantasy Football is ruining Fan sympathy for injuries

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    From Deadspin:

    And right around here I can guess the rough thought processes of a good number of NFL fans. They’re wondering if Carson will be out long, or might he be out all season—or at least through Week 14, when the fantasy playoffs begin. They’re wondering if Eddie Lacy, his backup, will be productive with increased carries, or if Lacy is going to lose touches to Thomas Rawls. They’re wondering if J.D. McKissic is worth a waiver-wire flyer. They’re wondering if Carson’s early-season success was for real and if he’s worth targeting high in next year’s draft.
    (The only reason I am using the pronoun “they” here is because I’m personally set at RB. I’d be wondering all the same things.)

    Sherman said:

    “This is really devastating. I think a lot of people, a lot of fans out there have looked at players less like people because of fantasy football and things like that. You go and say ‘Oh, man this guy got hurt.’
    “But you aren’t thinking ‘Hey man, this guy got hurt, he’s really physically hurt and he is going to take some time to recover and it’s probably going to affect his mental state and now he has a long rigorous rehab.’ You are thinking, ‘Oh man, he’s messing up my fantasy team.’
    “They don’t care about how it affects your fantasy team because they are really players — this is real life. This is real life and this is their real job. that is affecting their well-being. Now your fantasy team may not win and hey, guess what? You’ll live the next day. This is their well-being. They may not ever get another shot. They may never get another down, another play.”

    I get what Sherman is saying. I have found a pretty good place for my Seahawks fandom and my fantasy football... basically I give 100% of my attention to the Seahawks during the game and my fantasy stuff gets casual looks throughout the day (when the Seahawks aren't playing).

    I'm sure for some people (ahem... Browns/Niners/Jets fans) that have a tough time following their own team may care more about their fantasy team than their real team.

    The comments on the Deadspin article are pretty spot-on and admit that they have dehumanized players for the sake of fantasy insight/production. The writer also states that it's not just fantasy that's the result of this behavior; the NFL largely promotes teams as a whole opposed to other sports where they can focus on one or two players.

    Yes, the Seahawks have a lot of larger-than-life athletes that many people will know, but no one questions the injuries to Jeremy Lane, Cliff Arvil, or Rees Odhiamo (guys that you won't draft in FF).

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