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  • People have debated Cables ability to coach ad nauseum but let's look at this a different way. Let's assume he's a good coach. How is he so bad at player evaluation? Nowak over Lewis, aboushi sat behind Glowinksi only to look like he's markedly better, cut Evans last year only to watch him make the pro bowl, Pocic is probably an improvement over multiple guys I could really go on and on. What am I missing here?

  • Ive talked about this a bit on the podcast we do.

    It really does become a question of is the problem the talent we have or the coaching we do, or the overall plan and philosophy.

    I think there's some key evidence that the core philosophy they are bringing to the line may not be sound and also talent evaluation may be wanting.

    Last year they went out in the off season and targeted two linemen.. Sowell and.. the other one. As far as I know, neither are even in the NFL now. And that's who we TARGETTED to help. I don't know what that means but it doesn't good.

    Then they gave a pretty decent contract to Joeckel who had been a bust.

    Partly I feel their unorthodox way are a response to the dearth of line talent coming out of the college ranks, and so we have to just accept that I suppose but I feel sometimes they may be out thinking themselves.

    And yes, it seems JS or someone may not have the same eye for linemen as the team has for other positions.

  • Good post! It gets worse, Evans just leveled someone in the running game to spring GB's third TD. Where is Pehawk.....he was making weekly tweets praising Cable. Would love to hear a counter argument that's not 140 characters.

  • I wish our OL problems were as simple as Cable is dumb and JS has lost a step.

    The problem with our OL is compounded by the fact that this team will not "overpay" players they don't deem worth it.

    And before you cry about about the 1-year $8 million contract to Joeckel... it's a one-year deal. They tried to target a better OL in TJ Lang but he ended up playing in Detroit.

    TJ Lang is 30 years old and got a 3-year $28.5 million dollar contract. Joeckel is 25 and while never living up to his #2 draft pick, has the tools you would want for that position.

    The "moneyball" signing is Joeckel on a 1-year deal vs. the 3-year deal for Lang. And they were close to getting both.

    I see the bigger problem is that teams now must spend many years teaching these OL how to block in the NFL and then lose them to other teams.

    Historically, you'd weight your money on the OL to be:

    • 40% LT
    • 10% LG
    • 15% C
    • 10% RG
    • 25% RT

    Now, every OL is getting good money. Think about when people were laughing at Steven Hutchinson getting a 7-year $49 million contract. No one paid guards back in the day.

    The Seahawks suffer due to their lack of stability and I'm not talking about players playing together... I'm talking about players playing at all.

    • LT Ohdiambo (2nd year - Seahawks drafted player)
    • LG Joeckel (5th year - Seahawks FA)
    • C Britt (4th year; 2nd year at C - Seahawks drafted player)
    • RG Oboushi (5th year - Seahawks FA)
    • RT Ifedi (2nd year - Seahawks drafted player)

    None of these players have any stability at all. I concede that there's a huge problem with Seahawks maintaining that stability but this is also a league-wide problem. They move their players around all the time out of necessity moreso than anything else. They draft OL that can move around because that's what is needed. If they had not, we would have had nobody to replace Fant and we could be so much worse for it.

  • My counter point to that is teams like Green Bay, New England, Denver and a few others draft in the same range we do year in and year out and put it a better product. Like I stated earlier, Green Bay was without their top 5 tackles and still don't look as bad as we do. I agree that league wide talent is down at the position, colleges aren't helping produce a usable product etc but we are still much worse than other teams who are facing similar obstacles. This also doesn't excuse Cable for wanting to get rid of Evans when he was much better than anything we had.

  • But I should of added that I agree with you!

  • At the same time, no other teams are as heavily invested on their defense as Seattle. Our starting OL is comprised of 2 guys on a rookie contract, 2 on a 1-year deal, and a recently extended guy. The only one really accounting for a lot of money this year is Joeckel at $8 million.

    NE, GB and other have invested more heavily in their draft and also in their offense.

    The Seahawks OL is garbage but so is 40% of the NFL's. I know that the Seahawks have had very limited stability the past 3 years and I think this changes towards the end of this year. I am hopeful that these guys find their way and we see the offense start to click more consistently.

    This is the 3rd year in a row we've had problems with the OL to start the year.

  • But in a league wide epidemic we still look light years worse than almost all of them. I question if Cables system widely known as the hardest to learn is a good fit for a team that doesn't bring in natural lineman or experienced guys. Seems like an odd marriage that is set up to fail. I could be wrong on Cable as it's really hard to tell what the main cause is without being in the building but I'm guessing Cable isn't helping and his misses on who to start/sit/cut is pretty damning.

    Really want to see Pocic. He can't be any worse and the experience would help him long term. He's a fairly high draft pick and let's see what he can do.

  • I hope you're right that they start to look better as the year goes on and they do have a track record of moving that direction in the 2nd half. I'll stay glass half full......

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