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Favorite Vintage Seahawks Moments

  • Pre-Holmgren? Or maybe Pre-Pete? Whatever floats your boat I guess. I'll start.

    Youtube Video

    If I remember correctly this game was blacked out locally. Could be wrong but either way I was listening on the radio upstairs, dad was listening downstairs. Was basically on the first step to accepting the loss which, for those you who may not know or remember, was a pretty common in the 90s.

    Anyhoo, as evidenced in the video, we were narrowly able to steal victory away from the jaws of defeat. I just remember jumping up and down yelling and hearing my dad do the same downstairs and it was glorious.

    Did we make the playoffs that year? Nope. Did it matter at that point? Nope. Like Beast Quake and the all-time great plays that came before it, sometimes it's the small victories, the amazing little moments that make the best memories.

  • Largent's demolition of Mike Harden:

    Youtube Video

  • Classic. Love it. Even as a little kid I remember getting the feels from how that whole thing played out. 1988 right?

  • Youtube Video

    This game is probably the reason why no matter what the score is or how the game has gone, I always watch every game to 0:00 with the belief that anything could happen.

  • Youtube Video

    This is when I became a fan.

    1998 - Erickson's last year. One of the games they needed to win to make the playoffs. Vinny Testeverde's phantom TD that caused a domino effect:

    • Seahawks Finish 8-8 and miss the playoffs
    • Erickson is fired
    • NFL re-instates Instant Reply
    • Mike Holmgren is hired as Head Coach and GM
    • @sammyc521 becomes a life-long fan

  • Screw You, Hardin... who ended up in jail later on in life.

    Youtube Video

  • Zorn to Herrera 🙂

    Youtube Video

  • That Herrera play was adorable. The Largent/Harden one was tight too but it was already posted just a little ways up the fairly short and easy to navigate thread. 😉

  • The Largent tackle deserved two posts.
    I'll read threads with more diligence next time.

  • 1983 AFC division playoffs vs. Miami. Playing in Miami.. 4th quarter, about 2 minutes left to go.. Seahawks losing 20-17. Largen hadnt had a catch all day. This is an away playoff game..

    Youtube Video

    With 2 minutes left..on 3rd and 2..Largent finally makes his first catch of the day, keeping the drive lives. Start the video at 2:02:15..

    Then , the very next play (2:03:15 or so).. Krieg finds Largent for his second catch of the day.. a 40 yarder to the Miami 2 or 3 yard line.. Largent runs a beautiful route, Kreig gets creamed as he throws it..but its sets up a short Curt Warner touchdown that puts Seattle ahead for the win!

  • Check this out..even if just for a few minutes. 1978 game vs. the Steelers. Spoiler: Seahawks lose but wow is it fun to watch a few minutes off..the style of play, the tv graphics such as they are...the announcers.. wow.

    Watch the first play of the game..SO close....

    Youtube Video

  • Just ran across this lookin for some other shit...

    Youtube Video

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