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Crowd Funding (IndieGoGo or Kickstarter)

  • So I have been a huge fan of crowd funding stuff. The first project I crowd funded was the Ouya (2012) which was an Android system designed to play mobile games on your computer. This was pre-RaspberryPi and NES Classic.

    I've crowd funded Pebble Watch (bought out by FitBit), card games, video games and I even think a movie (Super Trooper 2).

    I fully understand the scope and risk that comes into play when it comes to putting money into projects like this. I tried to fund a Kickstarter for Northwest-related clothes that didn't meet it's campaign goal.

    I know there are many horror stories out there about people funding projects that don't come to light, a few of the games that I've funded end up being a shell of what was promised or don't end up off of the ground. Due to the project's in-experience, or willingness to commit; these are risks that I feel are worth investing in. I have yet to go invest in a huge amount; most of the times it's the first level that actually gets me the product.

    My favorites:
    Fidget Cube -
    Boss Monster -
    Darkest Dungeon -

    Anyone else dabble in this stuff?

  • I've done some crowd funding, mostly for friends financing their art or for people needing financial help for medical or other emergency issues. I don't think I've ever funded any products or anything like that, at least nothing that met its goal. Not that I can remember.

    You getting good use out of that fidget cube?

  • Got one at my desk at work and one at my home computer.

    It's well built, and if I didn't have it I would play with this flat Lego piece I have at my desk.

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