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The raw speed of Micheal (Sugar) Ray Richardson.

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    Back in the time of Lymon, when dinosaurs roamed the earth and methane was present, lots of it, there was an extremely talented and gifted basketball player name of Micheal Ray Richardson, born in Denver and coached by Jud Heathcoate in Montana. Drafted REAL high, Sugar Ray went to the Knicks and continued his chemical dependency from Montana where he was immune to NewYork where he was just some kid from Montana (Montana?)

    Mike's game was stellar, see below, but he was the first player to fall three times and get kicked from the game due to drug use.

    In the middle of our college careers we were out chasing wimmin at a bar, the name of which I can't remember, but the floor had lit tiles. Sugar knew a friend of mine well, a fact important that I wasn't privy to.

    Mike was joking around, pushing my friend, an action to which I took umbrage. I addressed him loudly and suggested he leave my friend alone, whereby Mike pushed me in the same manner he was pushing my friend. Being drunk, stupid and from Anaconda, I took a swing at a soon to be NBA player known for his incredible quickness and eye-hand coordination.
    The lights went out, I saw no movement. I first saw Micheal Ray with a handful of my shirt lifting it and me off the floor asking if I was ok. I wasn't, but I tried to get up... shortly thereafter Mike helped me to my chair where I cleared my head and nursed my jaw.

    MORAL - NEVER, I repeat, NEVER take a drunken swing at someone whose mere presence worried Isiah Thomas, because he had to guard Micheal Ray ( the old Isiah guy, not the new one ) the night before a game.

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