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I cannot find a single thread on .NET about injuries.....

  • Because everyone is bitching and moaning about the team.
    I have read references in different posts about Russ getting hurt? I do know about Doug's groin strain. Other than that....NOTHING.
    I used to love going to .NET to get factual updates, etc. But my oh my, that place is a mess of crybabies...
    Enough of my rant.
    My computer detests Java Script so searching the net is a pain in the ass for me. The Seahawks team web site is awful on my computer.
    I really miss going to one site and getting all the information I need(.NET used to be that place), so......Can somebody here just give me a short but quick update on injuries? Pretty Please?

  • Report from

    • LB Dewey McDonald left the game and think he's lost for the season with an ACL.
    • LB DJ Alexander and CB Neiko Thorpe didn't play due to injury (hurts our Special Teams)
    • WR Doug Baldwin left due to a groin strain but there's been no news about the severity
    • WR Tyler Lockett went down but returned
    • QB Russell Wilson had his ankles taped up and didn't show up on the injury report in the post-game so most likely was a way to help his footing on the natural grass

  • Thanks, Sammy!

  • Thank you so much!!!
    For the record, my computer 'likes' this place. No issues with scripts, etc.

  • Well it's much newer software designed for the 2017 internet-- easier to enmbed media, etc so it should be pretty smooth. As we slowly grow we will be tweaking somethings to improve the experience even more. We're glad you're using the site!

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